Mormon History, Oct 9, 1844

-- Oct 9, 1844
[Nauvoo Neighbor] Announcement: Married -- Editorial -- William White married Mary Gratehouse, performed by Elder M.D. Hamblin; William Knots married Silvera D. Wilson, performed by Elder Bracey. (1)

[Nauvoo Neighbor] Poetry: God Save Nauvoo -- Editorial -- Unsigned poem, petitioning the saints to pray for Nauvoo. (1)

[Nauvoo Neighbor] Story: "An Innuendo" - Gossip among the Saints -- Editorial -- Describes the problems with gossip slander amongst the citizens of Nauvoo. (1)

[Nauvoo Neighbor] Story: "October Conference" -- Editorial -- Describes the Saints General Conference, including a petition for all Saints to pray for the continued success of the church, despite the martyrdom. (1)

-- Oct 10, 1844
Brigham Young, 1844-10-10, marries (aged 43); Diana Chase (1827-1886) (aged 17); first marriage; divorced prior to 1849 (2)

[Brigham Young Journal] At E Snow P. P. Pratt and sister Amey Parker was there Br H. C. Kimball & my self are at Br Ezra Chases from 10 am til 1/2 past 3 P. M. H. C. K. Sharlot Chase Ba (y) Y Diana Chase was there we had a good visit-- (3)

[Heber C. Kimball marriage] wife #8. Charlotte Chase (Kimball Hicks Dixson Hurd), 1825-1904. Apparent separation from HCK in 1849. (4)

[Heber C. Kimball marriage] wife #9. Nancy Maria Winchester (Smith Kimball Arnold), 1828-1876, time only. (4)

-- Oct 11, 1844
[Anointed Quorum] Prayer circle meeting of Brigham Young, Heber C. Kimball, George A. Smith, Newel K. Whitney, Vilate Murray Kimball, and Elizabeth Ann Smith Whitney: "We offered up prayer for the sick and Sister Emma &c and also that the enemies may have no more power over us" . (5)

[Apostle Wilford Woodruff Journal] 11th I wrote a lengthy letter for the Prophet concerning Elder Sidney Rigdon. Bore my testimony in the case. I preached to a respectable congregation who gave me a collection of $20 dollars. I wrote a small Letter to Elder Young inclosed in a Letter to Br Webster in which I spoke my mind. (6)

-- Oct 11, 1844. Friday.
[William Clayton Journal] ...Evening at Heber C. K[imball]'s in company with President Young. H. C. K[imball] and G[eorge] A. S[mith] of the Twelve, the two Trustees and Sisters Kimball and Whitney. We offered up prayer for the sick and Sister Emma &c. and also that the enemies may have no more power over us. We had much conversation respecting the Temple Committee. (7)

-- Oct 12, 1844
[Apostle Wilford Woodruff Journal] 12th I rode to Boston. Attended a Church meeting and had the power of God rested upon me. I spoke to the Church in great Plainness concerning iniquity in all its forms. Urged the importance of building the Temple. I informed the Saints that evry man in the Church from the head to the foot if they broke the commandments & law of God would be brought to Justice & I advised all to be cautious not to throw themselves to ruin because others do wrong. I was followed by Elder Adams.

I had Conversation with Br Whitmore. He related A dream to me as follows: He had prayed to God to let him see Joseph in a dream. And he fell asleep And dreamed that he saw the heavens opened and deheld some of the things of eternity. He saw a personage arise out of the earth, and An Elder informed him that it was Joseph Smith. Joseph did not speak to him but droped some slips of paper on the ground from whence he rose. Br Whirmore picked up one of them & read the following words: (Emma is not worthy of me.) He wished to read the others but the person with him picked them up & put them in his pocket & did not let him read them.

At the Close of my meeting Elder Brannan pre-fered a Charge against Elder Hardy for slander. So did Elder Adams. The trial comes on Tuesday night. I spent the night with Br Phelps. Distance of the day 15 m. (6)

Sidney Rigdon: Sustained "first president of the church" by supporters 12 Oct. 1844 (8)

[Heber C. Kimball marriage] wife #10. Sarah Lawrence (Smith Kimball Mount), 1826-1872. Divorced HCK in 1851, time only. (4)

[Heber C. Kimball marriage] wife #11. Martha McBride (Knight Smith Kimball), 1805-1891. Separated from HCK, time only. (4)

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