Mormon History, 1844: 1 October

-- 1844: 1 October
[Patriarchal Blessings] George A. Smith. (Given by John Smith.)

"My son George I lay my hands upon thy head in the name of Jesus Christ and seal and confirm my blessing upon thee thou hast passed through many trials and sorrows even in the days of thy youth to proclaim the Gospel to this ungodly generation, thou hast seen maney afflictions and suffered much to magnify thy calling, and I pray my Heavenly Father in the name of Jesus to concrate[?] all thine afflictions for thy good and the salvation of many in this generation; in as much as thou art called to fill an exalted station in the church, the Lord thy God hath given his Angels charge over thee, to keep thee and his eye hath been over thee for good even from before the foundation of the world to make a mighty man of thee; thy name shall be great in the Earth and among the Saints to all generations, and as thou art called to go from nation to nation from one kingdom to another, thou shalt be clothed with wisdom and power to oppose all that shall rise up against thee; he that takes t
he sword to harm thee shall him self fall by the sword, he that digs a pit for thee shall fall in to it, no power on Earth shall hender [sic] thy progress prison walls nor bars nor gates nor chains shall hold thee; for at thy word they shall part assunder thou shalt do mighty miracles before kings and rulers; and they will think thou art a God; but thou shall teach them who the Lord is and something touching his power; they will receive thy teachings, thou shalt be an instrument in the hands of the Lord in bringing thousands to Zion; thou shalt cause streams of water to break forth in the wilderness to satisfy thy people thou shalt be able to still the raging of the sea and divide the rivers, also to feel thy thousands by blessing small potions [sic] of food for their good thou shalt verily be a Savior on Mount Zion to save all thy hart [sic] desires, boath [sic] of the living and the dead; thou shalt have an inheritance in Zion, and posess [sic] it again in Eternity; the nu
mber of thy years shall be according to thy faith, therefore dismiss thy fears for God shall heal thy bodily infurmities [sic] and thou shalt become healthy and strong when thou canst not go to perform thy labors thou shalt send men that shalt be able to accomlis [sic] every purpose of thine hart [sic]; thou art a lawful heir to the Melchizidec Priesthood, because thou art one of the Sons of Ephraim all the blessings and favirs [sic] and Priesthood, which were sealed upon him by Jacob his Father I seal upon thee and thy posterity forever no power on Earth shall take it from thee; thy name is written in the lambs Book of Life and shall not be blotted out. you shall become acquainted with thousands of the ten tribes of Isreal [sic] after they are gathered to Zion, and shall be a companion of their leader, shall inherit all the riches of Heaven and Earth, and all the blessings of the new and everlasting covenant, be perfectly satisfied, shall receive an endowment in the house o
f the Lord which is to be built in the last days, and be blest [sic] with the sons of Moses; shall be a judge and a councelor [sic] over the house of Isreal [sic] forever, this is thy blessing which I seal upon thee; therefore my son be patient in thine afflictions, delight to keep the commandments of the Lord and not one word which hath been spoken shall fail, for I seal it upon thy head by the authority of the Holy Priesthood and I seal thee up to come forth in the first Resurection [sic] to enherit [sic] eternal lives [sic] Amen." (From typescript, "Record Book of Bathsheba W. Smith," BYU Library, 1970.) [Age, 27; Scribe, ?] (1)

-- Oct 01, 1844
John Willard Young, later a member of the First Presidency, is born in Nauvoo, Illinois. (2)

-- Oct 1, 1844
[Anointed Quorum] "Holy Order" prayer circle of apostles and William Clayton at Heber C. Kimball's house, "and offered up prayer for the Governor and Emma [Smith] and sundry other things" . (3)

[Heber C. Kimball marriage] wife #7. Mary Ellen Harris (Able), 1818-1902; 1 child. (4)

[Nauvoo Temple] In an epistle to the Church the Twelve reported that the temple walls were ready to receive the arches of the upper story windows and that seven of the capitals had been placed. Work on the interior had commenced with timbers being reared on the inside of the building. (5)

-- Oct 1, 1844. Tuesday.
[William Clayton Journal] ...Evening met the Twelve at Brother Kimballs and offered up prayer for the Governor and Emma and sundry other things. We had a very interesting season of conversation. A man has a right to be baptized for his acquaintances who are not relatives and sealed to them only by the consent and authority of him who holds the keys. (6)

-- Oct: 1st & 2nd. [1844]
[Brigham Young Journal] Went and visited thee brethren and laid hands on the sick (7)

-- Oct 2, 1844
[Apostle Wilford Woodruff Journal] 2 3d I rode into Hartford. I made enquiry for Elder Q Sparks. Could not find him. I returned home to fathers House & spent the night. + 20 mils. (8)

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