Mormon History, Sep 11, 1844

-- Sep 11, 1844
[Nauvoo Neighbor] Announcement: Election of Brigadier General -- Chas C. Rich -- Announces an election to elect the new general of the Nauvoo Legion. (1)

[Nauvoo Neighbor] Announcement: Nauvoo Legion Drill Exercises -- George Miller -- Announces a drill for Legion members to Attend. (1)

[Nauvoo Neighbor] Reprinted Story: "A few Serious Thoughts" -- The National Intelligencer -- Blames Joseph Smith for his death, and states that he set the law aside and caused disorder. (1)

[Nauvoo Neighbor] Story: "A Warning to Tobacco Chewers" -- Editorial -- Humorous account of a tobacco chewer falling asleep with it in his mouth, swallowing it, and dying. It states, "When will men give up the use of this licentious and poisonous weed?" (1)

[Nauvoo Neighbor] Story: "Peace" -- Editorial -- Describes the Saint's goal of peace, made more keen after the murder of their leaders. (1)

[Nauvoo Neighbor] Story: "Trial of Elder Rigdon" -- Editorial -- Describes Elder Rigdon's trial for unchristian like conduct, by his alleged desire to divide the church with false prophecy. Announces his disfellowshipment, along with others. (1)

[Nauvoo Neighbor] Story: Reply to "A few Serious Thoughts" -- Editorial -- Refutes the allegations made in the article "A few Serious Thoughts" (1)

-- Sep 12, 1844
[Apostle Wilford Woodruff Journal] 12th Wind changed from north to west. We left the river at 8 oclok & proceded up the lake. (I perused a Book entitled the History of the Welch baptist published in Pittsburg, Professing to trace their origin to John the baptist. It contains many interesting items of history, but their is one trait in it the same as in evry history published since the days of Christ and the Apostles, (except what has been published by the latter Day Saints) ie. they are all alike robed of Apostolic purity religion, orders ordinances, Holy Ghost, gifts graces miricles Prophets Revelations. All of one accord cry out these things are done away. But they are ownly done away through their unbelief, making void the law of God changing the ordinances breaking the everlasting covenant departing from the Apostolic order of things.)

We sailed well through the day and night. Mrs Woodruff made a request which is to be granted within three Years <[--] to have> 2 <[-]>. In the morning we came in sight of the Manatau Islands. (2)

-- Sep 13, 1844
William Clayton Marries third wife, Alice Hardman. (3)

-- Sep 13, 1844, Friday
[William Clayton Writings] ... on 13 September 1844 the two [William Clayton and Alice Hardman] were married by Heber C. Kimball (4)

[William Clayton Writings] Friday 13. /WC worked on minutes of the excommunication trial of Sep 8th/ ... At 3 went to see Alice Hardman who is sick and was united in the E.C. (4)

-- Sep 14, 1844
[Heber C. Kimball marriage] wife #4. Mary Fielding (Smith), 1801-1852, time only. (5)

-- Sept. 14th 1844
Regular Session Sept. 14th 1844 at Eleven oclock - A. M.

Names of Members, called, Quorum Present

Prayer by Daniel Spencer Mayor

Petition presented by P. B. Lewis for the Sum of $34.50¢ which was lent for the benefit of the City -

H. C. Kimball. There was a Matter presented before us. that is, the claims of Mr Wood for his Services to Joseph Smith

Moved & seconded, that the committee were dismissed from any further claims action on the claims of Mr Wood

Moved & Seconded that the council have Nothing to do with the petition for it belongs to the Recorder

Moved & secd. that the Bill be allowed

Moved & seconded that Jonathan C. Wright be elected Marshall

Moved & seconded that Jonathan C. Wright act as assessor & collector in the place of John P. Green

Moved & Seconded that W. W. Phelps be <elected> Recorder of Deeds

Mayor - Col Dunham stated that the old police was about to be broken up (see last Council)

Geo. W. Harris I still hold the same idea that the old police be kept up as they have been on duty for a long time, the same as I stated at last council Meeting

B. Young - said that there is one or two of the police sleeps at his house at Nights while he is on watch & I say to them there is My house & My bed for you & also My table is read for them if required

Motioned & seconded that the be a committee of three <be> appointed to confer with the trustees <of the church> relative to paying the police

Moved & seconded that Daniel Spencer & John Taylor & alderman Spencer be the committee appointed for that purpose

John Taylor speak of the police that it is of Natural importance that this body should be kept up & I think if the inhabitants of <the> different wards would have Meetings in their Neighborhoods to see if they would allow themselves for a small tax put on each of them for the purpose of keeping up the police for it is right that these Men are sustained & they are willing to go any length for the Safety of the city

Moved & Seconded that the committee of three that was appointed Council together for the best Means of sustaining the police or of choosing new police

B. Young. said all that the City is worth Nothing & it would be a good plan to see if trustees could donate any things or a piece of land <or property> that could be sold for the support of the police

Hiram Kimball. said that he would like to see the City clear of debt & that if the trustees for would donate a piece of property he was willing to give half a lot for the support of the police

H. Kimball reported I called on the Higbees & one of the Fosters <at Appenoose> but I dont see that any thing can be done with the Laws & Fosters but I am going to Carthage on thursday & I will see Francis Higbee when I can lay before him what this council decides on

An ordinance concerning the Register of Deeds.& for other purposes. Sect. 1. Be it ordained by the City Council of the City of Nauvoo that the Register of deeds before entering upon the duties of his office <shall be sworn and> shall give a bond with security to the City in a penalty of two Five hundred dollars that he he will faithfully execute & perform the duties of said office & deliver over the books & papers of belonging to the said office to his successor in office without defaulfication or delay. passed Sept. 14th. 1844. Daniel Spencer Mayor

Moved & Seconded that Hiram Kimball & Edmund D. Wooley be appointed to prosecute a settlement as far as possible for the press it was also Moved & Secded that he have discretionary power

Moved & Seconded that the assessors & collectors of taxes be allowed one dollar pr day

Moved & Seconded that Geo. A. Smith be elected councillor in place of Daniel Spencer.

Moved & seconded that this Meeting adjourn until the Next general session

Report on J. S. Higbees Accnt accepted acct allowed

Mayor suggested that council pass an ordinance to prevent misrepresentation of and libillous publications

Committee be appointed to attend to the wharf (6)

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