Mormon History, Oct 6, 1844

-- Oct 6, 1844
[Lucy Mack Smith] Brigham Young is sustained as president of the Twelve. (1)

-- Oct 07, 1844
Following the death of Joseph Smith, the Prophet's uncle, John Smith, is sustained as the Nauvoo Stake president, replacing William Marks, who refused to accept the leadership of the Twelve Apostles. (2)

-- Oct 7, 1844
[Black History] Elder Joseph T. Ball becomes Boston Branch Pres., (3)

[Brigham Young Sermon] Conference pm

President Young arose and said that it had been moved and seconded that Asael Smith should be ordained to the office of patriarch. He went on to show that the right to the office of Patriarch to the whole church belonged to William Smith as a legal right by descent. Uncle Asael [however] ought to receive the office of [a] patriarch in the church.

The motion was put and carried unanimously.

President Young wanted to say a few words on the principle of tithing. "There has been so much inquiry it becomes irksome: the law is for a man to pay one-tenth of all he possesses for the erecting of the House of God, the spread of the gospel, and the support of the priesthood. When man comes into the church he wants to know if he must reckon his clothing, bad debts, lands, etc. It is the law to give one-tenth of what he has got, and then one-tenth of his increase or one-tenth of his time, A man comes and says he was sick six months and what is required of me? Why go and pay your tithing for the time you are able to work. Some say they have been preaching and want to know if that doesn't pay their tithing? Well, it will if you want to have it so." He then went on to recommend the brethren not to sell their grain but to bring it into the city and store it, and not take it to Warsaw.

He next referred to Lyman Wight's going away because he was a coward, but he will come back and his company, and James Emmett and his company will come back, How easy would it be for the Lord if an army of mobs was to come within one mile of this place, to turn the northwest winds upon them and with snow, hail and rain, make them so that they would be glad to take care of themselves and leave us alone. He then referred to the Missourians when Joseph and others went to jail, snapping their guns at the brethren but they would not go off, etc. The Lord never let a prophet fall on the earth until he had accomplished his work: and the Lord did not take Joseph until he had finished his work, and it is the greatest blessing to Joseph and Hyrum God could bestow to take them away, for they had suffered enough. They are not the only martyrs that will have to die for the truth. There are men before me today who will be martyrs, and who will have to seal their testimony with their blood
. I believe this people is the best people of their age that ever lived on the earth, the church of Enoch not excepted. We want you to come on with your tithes and offerings to build this Temple, and when it is finished we want you to spend a year in it and we will tell you things you never thought of.

[The Twelve then proceeded to ordain Asael Smith as follows: . . .]

President Young then said, we want the conference to continue tomorrow for business. We want the high priests' quorum together. President Miller will organize them on the right of the stand.

The Presidents of Seventies will organize all the seventies. We want to select a number of high priests to go through the states to preside over congressional districts. Then we want to have the elders' quorum organized that we can take out of the elders' quorum and fill up the seventies. We want all the seventies to be here and their presidents. We want them organized and begin to fill up the second quorum and then the third and the fourth to the tenth. The business of the day will be to ordain the Presidents of the Seventies and then fill the quorums of seventies from the elders' quorums, and select men from the quorum of high priests to go abroad and preside. [Nauvoo, Illinois - HC 7:300-303] (4)

Ezra Taft Benson: Appointed member of Nauvoo high council 7 October 1844. (5)

Orson Pratt has a Mormon Almanac. (6)

James Foster: Dropped from office and excommunicated 7 Oct. 1844 q(5)

Newel K Whitney: Sustained as first bishop, George Miller second bishop, 7 Oct. 1844 q(5)

George Miller: Again sustained as president of high priests quorum in Nauvoo and Second Bishop of Church 7 October 1844. (5)

[Joseph Smith] A conference drops Marks as stake president. For the first time the apostles ordain a stake patriarch, Asa(h)el Smith. (8)

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