Mormon History, Oct. 12th 1844

-- Oct. 12th 1844
[High Council Minutes]

The High Council of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints met in the Hall of the Seventies agreeably to adjournment, and organized for buisness. Councellors Present.

Saml Bent Jas. Allred

Lewis D. Wilson Isaac Allred in place of A. Cutler

David Fulmer George W. Harris

Andrew W. Timmons in place of Thos. Grover Aaron Johnson

Jas. Carroll, in place of Newell Knight Wm Huntington

Ezra T. Benson. Henry G. Sherwood

Chas C. Rich acting President.

Subject for investigation, an appealed case from Bishop Isaac Higbee's Court of Harvy Olmstead, vs. Arthur Morrison.

Charge prefered was fraud in settleing accounts. Voted that one on a side shall speak.

Saml Bent, Counsellor for Complainant

Jas. Allred Counsellor for the Accused

After some little consultation, Voted by the Council that the parties at variance make choice of referee to investigate and settle their difficulties, and their decisions shall be abided, or the one refusing to abide such decisions shall be disfellowshiped, and in case A. Morrison abide such decisions as they the referees shall make, he shall be disfellowshipped by the Church.

H. Olmsted chose Jas Carroll. Arthur Morrison chose Henry Snider, and they jointly made choice of Ed. Wooley.

Voted to adjourn until next Saturday to meet in this Hall as one o'clock P.M.

C.C. Pendleton Clerk (1)

-- Oct 14, 1844
[Apostle Wilford Woodruff Journal] 14th I done up my package of letters to Nauvoo in a rapper & directed it [to] Brigham Young & put it into the hands of Elder Wingate Containing $13 dollars in all. I spent the night at Br Phelps, And dreamed of being in the midst of rattle snakes. I had power to kill them. A few nights previous I saw a monster of a serpent. Tried to kill me but had no power. (2)

-- Oct 14. [1844]
[Brigham Young Journal] Went away in company with Elders H. C. Kimball and P. P. Pratt the distance of two hundred miles and located another place of gathering for the saints of God in a short time, but Nauvoo will be the head stake for the Saints to come to and receive their endowment, their anointings, washings &c &c in the house of the Lord which he has commanded to be built unto his holy name; there will also be many more stakes or places of gathering for the Saints of God. And after they had accomplished the necessary things and their purposes executed in the way and manner they desired they returned safely home again on the 28th of Oct. and found their families well and in good spirits and all things well. (3)

-- Oct 15, 1844
[Brigham Young Journal] tuesday the 15th Br H. C. K. & my self started for the east from Br L. y. at 4 o. c. PM. Came to Layharp put up with Br E Bingham found Br P. P. Pratt there the next morning started for Auturway came 44 miles stayed with Br Ames we fel in with 2 other teams that had been to confence Bro Busard & Andrus (4)

Signey Rigdon returns to Pittsburgh, PA; 500 secessionists follow him. (5)

-- Oct 16, 1844
[Nauvoo Neighbor] Announcement: Deaths -- W.D. Huntington -- Evan Eyans (48, Congestive Fever), Olymtha Leach (Bloody Flux), Ruth Harris (4, Ague and Fever), Walter Harris (33, Ague and Fever), Harmon J. Akes (28, Inflammation), Moses Cutler (27, Diarrhea), Ann Manhart (10, Inflammation on the Lungs), Elizabeth Suffacod (3). (6)

[Nauvoo Neighbor] Poetry: "Nauvoo" -- Signed, "Laura, A Visitor" -- Describes Nauvoo as the most beautiful city in the world. (6)

[Nauvoo Neighbor] Story: "Labor" - Inviting the Saints to be Industrious -- Editorial -- Describes the need for work, and encourages the saints not to be idle. (6)

[Nauvoo Neighbor] Story: "The Trades" - Preventing Monopolies -- John Taylor -- Details the meeting of saints of all trades, meeting to discuss the ways to continue their crafts without creating monopolies. Held in the Masonic Hall. (6)

[Nauvoo Neighbor] Story: "To the Friends of the Temple" - Petition for Donations -- William Clayton -- Petitions the saints to donate to the Temple, and instructs them how to do so. (6)

-- Oct 16, 1844. Wednesday.
[William Clayton Journal] ...At 12, married Lucius N. Scovil to Lucy Snow also Alice Harris to L[ucius] N. S[covil]. (7)

-- Oct 17, 1844
[Brigham Young Journal] came to Lafaett staed with Br Grant Oct 17th 1844 and Br Gillot Came the next day to a place cauld Providence staed all night at a tavern kept by H. Barney the snow fel a bout 6 inches in corse of the day Saterday 19 came through to Autuaway [Ottoway] 48 miles --found some of the Bretherin they ware well and in tolarable Spirits Br P. P. Pratt taulked to the saints in the after noon of (4)

-- Oct 18, 1844, Friday
[William Clayton Writings] Friday 18. ... I was at the office all day recording. P.M. Bishop Whitney read much in the Book of the Law of the Lord. (8)

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