Mormon History, Sep 23, 1844

-- Sep 23, 1844
[Brigham Young Journal] th 1844 a list of arms bought from S L By Thomas McKenzie one 2 bareld fouling peace Six single Barrell 2 Swoards 1 Pistol 2 Bullet Mandels 1 tin Bose Bankets 3000 or more Caps 1 Barrel of Pouder 1 Flat of lead (1)

[Nauvoo Temple] The first sunstone capital stone was placed on the temple walls. Each stone weighed about two tons and cost some $300. Each capital was composed of five stones: the base stone; the sunstone with the sun raising above the clouds; the trumpet stone with two hands holding trumpets; and two cap stones on the top. Benjamin T. Mitchell cut the first sunstone to be placed. (2)

-- Sep 24, 1844 (Tuesday)
Seventy presidents to preside over the Seventies, and fifty High Priests to preside in different sections of the country, were ordained. (3)

-- Sep 24, 1844, Tuesday
[William Clayton Writings] /WC visited D.D. Yearsley to collect fifty dollars/ Yearsley has wronged me and it is an evidence to me that he is about to deny the faith. I feel that he has wronged me a second time. He refused to take a $5.- bill a few days ago and said it was a counterfeit, when it is well known that it is good See other Book No 2 /Thus ends the 1843-1844 Diary (4)

[William Clayton Writings] Clayton borrowed a gun from Brigham Young with which to protect his family. (4)

[William Clayton Writings] On Wednesday, the 25th, as the brethern were beginning to raise one of the capitals, having neglected to fasten the guys, the crane fell over with a tremendous crash, breaking it considerably. As soon as it was perceived that the crane was falling, the hands fled to get out of the way. One of the brethern, Thomas Jaap, running directly in the course of the falling crane, barely escaped being killed. The crane struck the ground and was within a foot of striking his head. This circumstance hindered the workmen some; but in a few days the crane was mended, reared, and the brethern again went to work on it.

About this time, Ira T. Miles came down from Lyman Wight's company, who were then in the north, having left the city, as was supposed, through cowardice, as they expected we should be routed and the city destroyed.

About the same time, Jacob Morris came down from the same company and stated that Miles had come with the intention of setting fire to the lumber, that the building might be hindered, as Lyman Wight had said the temple never would be built.

Whether this was the intention of Brother Miles or not we could not learn satisfactorily. However, enough was known to induce the authorities of the Church to advise the committee to have some of the old police guard the lumber and the temple night and day. The police have continued to guard it to this time. There has since been many threats thrown out from the Rigdonites and other sources that the temple never should be built, and no doubt an attempt would have been made to set fire to it if it had not been well guarded all the time. (4)

-- Sep 25, 1844
[Nauvoo Neighbor] Announcement: "Administrator Sale" - The Estate of Joseph Smith -- Joseph W. Coolidge -- Invites all saints to the auction of Joseph's possessions. (5)

[Nauvoo Neighbor] Announcement: "To our Patrons" - Petition for Donation -- Editorial -- States that both Nauvoo Newspapers are struggling, and that they are in need of donations. (5)

[Nauvoo Neighbor] Announcement: Deaths -- W.D. Huntington -- Ephraim William Childs (infant, Inflammation), Parley Snyder (infant), Mary Jane McArthur (3, Chill Fever), Sarah Ann Shirts (1, Chill Fever), John Liptrot (4, Consumption), Ann Birks (70, Chill Fever), Richard Hull (49, Chill Fever), Sarah Elizabeth Woodberry (10 months, Fever), William Mutlo (50, Fever), George Mulford (Infant), William Steed (46, Chill Fever), Penelope Armstrong (46, Typhus Fever). (5)

[Nauvoo Neighbor] Announcement: Nauvoo Legion General Orders -- Charles C. Rich -- Gives orders to the Nauvoo Legion, and states that they are acting under command of Leut. General Brigham Young. (5)

[Nauvoo Neighbor] Letter: Retraction of Rigdonite Beliefs -- Jared Carter -- Carter states that he has been associated with Sidney Rigdon, and wishes to retract that view and return to fellowship with the Saints. (5)

[Nauvoo Neighbor] Reprinted Story: "As Nathan SaidÂ…Thou Art the Man! - William Law as he Is" -- The Upper Mississippian -- Letter stating that the Church has fallen, and that Joseph Smith practiced polygamy and fornication. Also includes 2 depositions which state Law's plans to murder Joseph Smith. (5)

[Nauvoo Neighbor] Reprinted Story: "As Nathan SaidÂ…Thou Art the Man! - William Law as he Was" -- The Times and Seasons -- Letter describing Law's opinion of the unjust persecutions faced by the church. Also includes an affidavit stating that John C. Bennett was lying when he spoke against Joseph Smith. (5)

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