Mormon History, Sep 14, 1839

-- Sep 14, 1839
Young, Brigham: Left for mission to England 14 September 1839. (1)

-- Sep 16, 1839
President Brigham Young started from his home at Montrose, for England. His health was very poor; he was unable to go thirty rods to the river without assistance. After he had crossed the ferry he got Brother Israel Barlow to carry him on his horse behind him to Heber C. Kimball's where he remained sick until the 18th. He left his wife sick with a babe only ten days old, and all his children sick, unable to wait upon each other. I returned home this evening. (2)

-- Sep 17, 1839
Visits sick. (2)

-- Sep 18, 1839
Went to Burlington, Iowa Territory. Elders Young and Kimball left Sister Kimball and all her children sick, except little Heber; fn went thirteen miles on their journey towards England, and were left at Brother Osmon M. Duel's, who lived in a small cabin near the railway between Commerce and Warsaw. They were so feeble as to be unable to carry their trunks into the house without the assistance of Sister Duel, who received them kindly, prepared a bed for them to lie on, and made them a cup of tea. (2)

Elder Brigham Young, accompanied by H. C. Kimball, left Nauvoo on his first mission to England. (3)

[Heber C. Kimball] Leaves for fifth mission, his second to England. (4)

-- Sep 19, 1839
[Returns from Burlington.] Brother Duel carried Elders Young and Kimball in his wagon to Lima, sixteen miles, where another brother received them and carried them to Father Mikesell's near Quincy, about twenty miles; the fatigue of this day was too much for their feeble health; they were prostrated, and obliged to tarry a few days to recruit. (2)

-- Sep 20, 1839
George A. Smith, Reuben Hedlock, and Theodore Turley start for England, and upset their wagon on the bank of the river, before they got out of sight of Commerce. Elders Smith and Turley were so weak they could not get up, and Brother Hedlock had to lift them in again. Soon after, some gentlemen met them and asked who had been robbing the burying ground--so miserable was their appearance through sickness. (2)

-- 22Sept39
[Joseph Smith Sermon] Eternal Life - John 14 (5)

-- Sep 22, 1839
Joseph speaks on the "other Comforter." (2)

-- 29Sept39
[Joseph Smith Sermon] Advice on Preaching Second Coming Righteous and Wicked Suffer Suffering not a Sign of Wickedness (5)

-- During September 1839
Apostles depart for Great Britain for second major British mission. (6)

Kimball, Heber Chase: Left for mission to England September 1839. (1)

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