Mormon History, Feb 10, 1840

-- Feb 10, 1840
Taking advantage of crowds out celebrating the wedding of Queen Victoria to Prince Albert in London, Wilford Woodruff and three companions "walked out into the Market place . . . & we began to Sing praises unto God & call upon his name & a congregation flocked around us, & we preached the gospel unto them & I bore testimony unto them of the great work that God had set his hand to accomplish.." (1)

-- c. (Mon) Feb 10, 1840
Smith, Rockwell, and Foster left Washington and travel to Dayton, Ohio. (2)

-- Feb 19, 1840
Wilford Woodruff, on a mission in England, "dreamed that I saw men & children killed to be eat[en] because of the soreness of a famine." William Clayton writes in his diary: "Got a letter from Brother Heath. Sister Poole has been and says Susan is jealous of Thomas [Miller]. He wants her out of the way. If she was to die he would be married again in 3 months &c. Thomas wanted to know who he would be married to &c. She would not tell him. He says he will not go to his work untill she does tell him and she says she will not. Thomas is very much troubled &c. Thomas has practiced kissing all in the house before he goes to bed &c. Went to Bewshers to dinner. She gave me a pint of Porter." (1)

-- about Feb 22, 1840
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Joseph Smith wrote an autograph in the family album of the Wilkinsons, non-members in Philadelphia who later joined the Church. (3)

-- Feb 24, 1840
On a mission in Manchester, England William Clayton writes in his journal, "Have advised the Saints to give up the practice of kissing." Manchester Mormons, as well as some other English saints took seriously Paul's suggestion to the Romans that they "salute one another with an holy kiss," (Rom 16:16). Interestingly Joseph Smith in his "Inspired version" has changed this passage to read "salute one another with a holy salute." (1)

-- Feb 27, 1840
William Clayton, on a mission in England writes: "Sarah [Crooks] appeared rather tempted to get married. I felt to sorrow on this account. I don't want Sarah to be married. I was much [] and tempted on her account and felt to pray that the Lord would preserve me from impure affections. She gave me an orange. I certainly feel my love towards her to increase but shall strive against it. I feel too much to covet her and afraid lest her troubles should cause her to get married. The Lord keep me pure and preserve me from doing wrong." Clayton has a wife in Nauvoo but is falling in love with Sarah Crooks. Later in Nauvoo, when Joseph explains plural marriage to Clayton he sends for Sarah but the two never do marry each other. (1)

-- During February 1840
Parley P. Pratt publishes An Address to Judge Higbee and Parley P. Pratt… To the Citizens of Washington and the Public in General (4 pages). This was the ―first short missionary tract outlining the fundamentals of Mormonism. This was reprinted and modified for a British audience with the title An Address by a Minister of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints to the People of England. It was reprinted twice more in England and three times in the U.S. over the next three years. (4)

-- Mar 3, 1840
In England William Clayton writes, "Went to see Brother Burgess wife and child. She has been disobedient. She seems very penitent. She has a cow dung plaster on her breast. We promised her in the name of the Lord that if she felt to repent and begin to live faithful she should receive a blessing. . . . Sarah Crooks bath my forehead with rum and gave me some mint drops." (1)

-- (Wed) Mar 4, 1840
The U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee considered the Mormons' petition for redress and ruled that they should pursue their case in the courts of Missouri. (2)

-- Mar 4, 1840
Foster, Robert D: Traveled to Washington, D C and back to Nauvoo with Joseph Smith 1 November 1839 4 March 1840. (5)

Joseph Smith, Jun., arrived in Nauvoo from Washington. (6)

[Lucy Mack Smith] Joseph arrives in Nauvoo from Washington, D.C., trip. (7)

[Lucy Mack Smith] Joseph Jr. returns to Nauvoo. (8)

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