Mormon History, mid-Jan 1840

-- mid-Jan 1840
Time & Seasons. (Vol. 1. No. 3. Commerce, Illinois, January, 1840): [p. 43] "In this No. will be seen an article which we copy from the New York Era," Signed P. P. Pratt, it's in contradiction to the foolish simple priest fabricated tale that has been going the rounds, charging Sidney Rigdon with the crime of making the Book of Mormon, out of the romantic writings of one Solomon Spaulding &c." This editorial notice written by Ebenezer Robinson and/or Don Carlos Smith. This issue also reprinted "A Cunning Device Detected" from the Quincy Whig of Nov. 16, 1839. (1)

-- Jan 18, 1840
In Manchester England Wilford Woodruff performs an exorcism: "We found the sister possessed of the Devel & a burning fever on the brain. She was rageing & trying to tare herself although in the hands of three or four men." Woodruff anoints her head with oil and then administers the oil to her internally. William Clayton writes, "after washing her forehead with rum she appeared better and we left her." (2)

-- Jan 20, 1840
In England Wilford Woodruff performs and exorcism: "I was called upon with my Brethren to visit a child possessed of the Devil that endeavored to destroy the child. It was the child of the Woman that was possessed with the Devil upon whome we lade hands Saturday evening. (Jan 29, 1840). We lade hands upon the child that was reathing under the power of the Deavil & commanded the Devil to Depart in the name of Jesus Christ & it was instantly done & the child fell asleep." (2)

Chester County, Pennsylvania. Joseph Smith wrote a letter to his wife, Emma Smith. (3)

Smith, John: Moved to Hawley Settlement near Nashville, 20 January 1840. (4)

-- Jan 21, 1840
[Lucy Mack Smith] Martha Jane Knowlton receives her patriarchal blessing at Nauvoo from Joseph Smith Sr., in Lucy's presence. (5)

-- Jan 22, 1840
Brandywine, Pennsylvania. In response to false rumors, Joseph Smith wrote a letter to the editor of the Chester County Register and Examiner relating the Churchs beliefs concerning civil governments. (3)

-- 25Jan40
[Joseph Smith Sermon] On Saturday last (Jan. 25) a conference of elders was held in the Brandywine branch; pres't. [President] Joseph Smith Jr. being present, was called to preside, and James Rodeback appointed clerk. Two elders and two priests were ordained; great harmony prevailed in the meeting, and much important instruction was given to the elders and members present by pres't Smith.
The saints in that place appear determined to keep the commandments of God; and the visit of brother Smith among them, I trust has tended much to strengthen, and confirm them in the faith of the everlasting gospel. (6)

-- (Mon) Jan 27, 1840
Smith, Higbee, Rockwell, and Foster went to Washington by railroad, having sold Smith's carriage. They left Sidney Rigdon sick in Philadelphia for about another six weeks. (1)

-- (Fri) Jan 31, 1840
Brigham Young and George A. Smith took a steamboat and stage to travel from New Haven, CT to New York City, where they stayed with Parley P. Pratt. (1)

-- Jan 31, 1840
Brigham Young meets Parley P. Pratt in New York [per Brigham Young]. (7)

-- During Jan. 1840
[Lucy Mack Smith] Martha Jane Knowlton, a Campbellite, becomes the first member of her family to be baptized Mormon, John E. Page officiating. (5)

-- During Jan.-April 1840
Brigham Young and fellow Apostles/missionaries arrive in Liverpool, England to expand the British mission. Manchester, England serves as headquarters of the Church in Britain between 1840 and 1842, with the apostles traveling to such areas as Scotland, Ireland, Liverpool, and London. (8)

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