Mormon History, Oct 27, 1839

-- Oct 27, 1839
Commerce, Illinois. The high council voted that Joseph Smiths wife, Emma Smith, select and publish an updated hymnbook for the Saints. (1)

-- (Tue) Oct 29, 1839
Joseph Smith, Sidney Rigdon, Elias Higbee, and Porter Rockwell set out from Nauvoo for Washington, D.C. in a two-horse carriage (2)

-- Oct 29, 1839
Joseph Smith left Illinois for Washington, D.C., to seek redress from the president of the United States for wrongs suffered by the Saints in Missouri. (3)

Joseph Smith left Commerce for Washington, D.C., to petition U.S. Government for redress of losses in Missouri. (4)

Joseph and Sidney leave Nauvoo with Elias Higbee and Orrin P. Rockwell to present the grievances of the Saints to Congress. Passed through Carthage and stayed at Judge Higbee's over night. (5)

Joseph Smith, Jun., and others left Nauvoo for Washington, D.C., as delegates from the Church to the general government. (6)

Higbee, Elias: Left Nauvoo 29 October 1839. (7)

Commerce, Illinois. Joseph Smith left for Washington, D. C., seeking redress from the Congress of the United States for the grievances and losses of the Saints in Missouri. (1)

[Joseph Smith] Departed Commerce for Washington DC to seek redress for Mormon property losses in Missouri. (8)

[Joseph Smith] Joseph travels to Washington D.C. to seek help from the President for the persecutions of the members in Missouri. (9)

[Lucy Mack Smith] Joseph leaves for Washington, D.C., to present grievances to the president. (10)

-- Oct 29, 1839-4 March
Joseph Smith went to Washington, D.C., with redress petitions. (11)

-- (Wed) Oct 30, 1839
After spending the night at Elias Higbee's house in Carthage the carriage continued on to Quincy. Rigdon became ill. (2)

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