Mormon History, Nov 4, 1839

-- Nov 4, 1839
Springfield, Illinois. Joseph Smith and his company arrived in Springfield on their journey to Washington, D.C., and met up with William Law and a number of Saints coming from Canada. (1)

-- (Wed) Nov 6, 1839
About this time the group departed Springfield, headed for Indiana. Rigdon was still ill. (2)

-- Nov 7, 1839
Springfield, Illinois. Joseph Smith wrote a letter to Henry G. Sherwood at Nauvoo, Illinois. (1)

-- (Fri) Nov 8, 1839
About this time the travellers neared Columbus, Ohio and proceeded on poor roads. Rigdon's health was so bad that Smith and Higbee decided to take "the most expeditious route to Washington City, leaving Brothers Rockwell, Rigdon, and Foster, to come on at their leisure in the carriage." (2)

-- (Sat) Nov 9, 1839
Smith writes his wife, saying he and Higbee will leave Rigdon behind. Elias Higbee and Joseph Smith then leave Rigdon, Dr. Foster and Porter Rockwell behind with the carriage and the two of them take the stagecoach to Washington. (2)

-- Nov 9, 1839
Springfield, Illinois. Joseph Smith wrote a letter to his wife, Emma Smith. (1)

-- c. (Sat) Nov 9, 1839
Parley P. Pratt arrived in Detroit and then "went on to New York City by steamboats, the canal and railway." (2)

-- Nov 14, 1839
After four months of fever and ague, Orson Hyde leaves Commerce for Philadelphia on his mission. (3)

Hyde, Orson: Left on mission to East 14 November 1839. Met George W. Robinson enroute; decided to assist Robinson in publishing history of Church written by Sidney Rigdon. (4)

-- Nov 15, 1839
[Lucy Mack Smith] The first issue of the Times and Seasons is published at Nauvoo. (5)

Wight, Lyman: Moved family to Augusta, Iowa, 15 November 1839. (4)

-- about Nov 17, 1839
Nauvoo, Illinois. Joseph Smith published a journal entry in the first issue of the Church newspaper Times and Seasons. (1)

-- Nov 18, 1839
Columbus, Ohio. Because of illness among the group traveling to petition the government, Joseph Smith and Judge Elias Higbee went on ahead in order to make better time by stagecoach to Washington, D.C. (1)

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