Mormon History, 1839

-- During 1839
Salmon Gee: Subsequently restored to fellowship abt. 1839, but not to his prior position (1)

Sidney Rigdon: Acquitted 1839, released from Liberty Jail (1)

Sidney Rigdon: Mission 1839 (1)

Vinson Knight: Indicted 1839 for arson and treason in Missouri, charges dismissed (1)

William E Mclellin: Mission 1839 (1)

William Smith: Failed to fulfill mission to England 1839 (1)

Church moves to Nauvoo, IL. (2)

Ebenezer Robinson and Don Carlos Smith print Times and Seasons. (2)

John Corrill leaves the Church. (2)

Sidney Rigdon writes an attack on proponents of the Spalding theory. (2)

Hancock, Levi Ward: Located in Nauvoo 1839. Member of Nauvoo Legion. (3)

Hyde, Orson: Settled in Illinois 1839. (3)

Kimball, Heber Chase: Expelled from Missouri 1839. (3)

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