Mormon History, Oct 30, 1839

-- Oct 30, 1839
Joseph, et. al., arrive at Quincy. (1)

-- (Thr) Oct 31, 1839
The group remained in Quincy, due to Rigdon's illness. Dr. Robert D. Foster joined the group to care for Rigdon. (2)

-- Oct 31, 1839
Work on documents for presentation. Rigdon sick. (1)

-- Oct 57, 1839
[Joseph Smith] Presided over general church conference, which organized stakes in Commerce and Iowa for newly settled Mormon migrants, Commerce. (3)

-- During October 1839
Foster, Robert D: Baptized before October 1839. (4)

-- During autumn of 1839
[Jacob Hamblin] In the autumn of 1839 he married Lucinda Taylor and settled down to start a family. (5)

-- During fall of 1839
Miller, George: Moved to Lee County, Iowa, in fall of 1839; there established woodyard. (4)

-- Nov 1839
Ebenezer Robinson and Don Carlos Smith re-print first issue of the Times and Seasons. c. 18 Nov (Mon) After following behind Smith and Higbee for three weeks, Sidney Rigdon's illness worsens and he rests at his brother's house in Washington Co., PA until about Jan. 10th, when he sets out for Philadelphia. (2)

-- Nov 1, 1839
Travel, staid with a friend over night. Dr. Foster continued to accompany us. (1)

-- Nov 2, 1839
[Joseph Smith Prophecy] Smith and companions not killed in Liberty Jail - That he and his companions would not be killed in Liberty Jail, despite evidence that his captors intended to kill him. Joseph said on the morning after their capture after the 1838 Mormon War that "the word of the Lord came to me last night that ... whatever we may suffer during this captivity, not one of our lives shall be taken" (Dona Hill, Joseph Smith: The First Mormon, Doubleday and Company, Garden City, NY, 1977, p. 244). -- (6)

-- Nov 3, 1839
Elders Young and Kimball arrive Cleveland, Ohio, about 1 a.m. While waiting for the noon, Elders Smith, Turley, and Hedlock, who left them at Terre Haute, drove up, having picked up Elder Taylor by the way, he having been left sick by his company in the east part of Indiana. They were in good health, compared with what they had been, and in fine spirits. George A. Smith tarried in Cleveland till the next day, to visit his relatives. Brothers Young, Kimball, Taylor, and Turley rode in the stage, and Brother Hedlock and Mr. Murray in their wagon to Willoughby, and from thence they all rode into Kirtland together. (1)

-- (Mon) Nov 4, 1839
The group arrived in Springfield, capital of Illinois. (2)

-- Nov 4, 1839
We arrived at Springfield, and put up with Brother John Snider. When within one mile of the city, we met William Law and company with seven wagons from Canada, who returned with us to Springfield, and tarried while we did, until the 8th. I preached several times while here. General James Adams, judge of probate, heard of me, sought me out, and took me home with him, and treated me like a father. (1)

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