Mormon History, January 1840

-- During January 1840
Hyde, Orson: Returned to Nauvoo January 1840. (1)

-- During c. early 1840
Sidney Rigdon joined the Masons -- perhaps while in PA. (2)

-- (Sat) Feb 1, 1840
George A. Smith traveled to Philadelphia. There he no doubt met with Sidney Rigdon and Benjamin Winchester. (2)

-- Feb 2, 1840
Brigham Young writes in his journal: "Passing from Brooklyn to New York, I jumped on to the ferry-boat with my left arm extended, meaning to catch hold of the stanchion, but I fell on a large iron ring on the deck, which put my shoulder out of joint. I asked brother Hedlock to roll me over on my back, which he did. I directed brothers Kimball and Hedlock to lay hold of my body, and brother Pratt to take hold of my hand and pull, putting his foot against my side, while I guided the bone with my right hand back to its place. The brethren would my handkerchief round my shoulder and helped me up. When I came to a fire I fainted." (3)

-- Feb 4, 1840
In England William Clayton writes, "Sarah Crooks gave me a pint of porter [porter's ale, a dark brown beer]" While Clayton has left his wife and family to go on a mission to England both he and Sarah Crooks wish they could be married to each other. (3)

-- (Wed) Feb 5, 1840
Joseph Smith preached in Washington, D.C. (2)

-- 5Feb40
[Joseph Smith Sermon] Description of Joseph Smith Statement of Fundamental Beliefs God Exists Believes the Bible Foreknowledge not the Same as Foreordination Christ Died for Sins of All - Original Sin Little Children Man is Free God had no Beginning Soul had no Beginning Ring Illustration(?) No Beginning - No End Axiom Mormonism Moral Joseph's Humility Joseph - Book of Mormon Consistent with the Bible (4)

[Joseph Smith Sermon] The Book of Mormon Inspired Prophet Appears Educated Baptism Book of Mormon not Contrary to Bible Joseph Eloquent (4)

-- Feb 5, 1840
While on a mission in England, William Clayton writes in his diary, "Sister Perkins gave me a tea cup full of red wine;" (3)

Joseph Smith teaches to a congregation in Philadelphia that "all dying children at an early age (say eight years) not knowing good from evil, were incapable of sinning; and that all such assuredly go to heaven." (5)

Washington, D.C. Joseph Smith gave a public sermon on Latter-day Saint beliefs to an audience that included several members of Congress. (6)

-- c. (Thr) Feb 6, 1840
Smith reportedly had a second interview with Martin Van Buren, who supposedly told the Mormons: "Gentlemen, your cause is just, but I can do nothing for you;" and "If I take up for you I shall lose the vote of Missouri." (2)

-- Feb 7, 1840
In England British Mission President Joseph Fielding and John Taylor take turns blessing each other. John Taylor "afterwards gave an address in tongues and interpreted." (3)

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