Mormon History, 1839-44

-- During 1839-44
Joseph Smith Jr.: Discovered two seer stones on Mississippi River (1839-44) (1)

-- During 1839-46
[Black History] Nauvoo reported to have 22 Blacks, including free and slave. (2)

-- After 1838
Joseph Smith declares bankruptcy (property in Emma's name). (3)

Joseph Smith receives liquor license in Nauvoo. (3)

-- 1Jan40
[Joseph Smith Sermon] The Book of Mormon (4)

-- Jan 1, 1840
William Clayton Begins Journal 1, "England and Emigration"; writes last entry on February 18, 1842. (5)

-- Jan 7, 1840
At the beginning of a proselytizing meeting in Massachusetts "three sons of sectarian deacons" throw sulpher on a hot stove. After opening doors and windows to air out the building Brigham Young and George A. Smith continue their meeting. (6)

-- (Thr) Jan 9, 1840
Smith returned to Philadelphia after having visited outside of the city. (7)

-- Jan 11, 1840
Taylor, John: Arrived Liverpool 11 January 1840. (8)

[Wilford Woodruff] Arrives in Liverpool, England (9)

-- Jan 12, 1840
[Francis M. Lyman] Francis Marion Lyman was born 12 January 1840 at the Justice Morse home in Walnut Grove Township (later Good Hope), McDonough County, Illinois, the son of Amasa Mason Lyman and Maria Louisa Tanner. (10)

-- (Mon) Jan 13, 1840
Sidney Rigdon and Dr. Foster arrived in Philadelphia and a Church conference was held there, hosted by local mission president, Benjamin Winchester. About this time Smith reportedly informed Pratt about the principle of polygamy. Winchester later recalled that Smith was engaged in an illicit affair with a female member, while staying in Philadelphia. (7)

-- 13Jan40
[Joseph Smith Sermon] Respect Local Authorities (4)

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