Mormon History, 1839

-- During 1839
John Taylor: Committee to draft resolutions for re-settlement of Mormons into Illinois 1839, but did not serve on committee which supervised the Missouri exodus (1)

Joseph Smith Jr.: Escaped custody 1839, fled to Illinois, fugitive rest of life (1)

Joseph Smith Jr.: Met with Congressmen and Democratic U.S. president (1839) regarding compensation for Mormon losses (1)

Joseph Smith Jr.: Mission 1839 (1)

Joseph Smith Jr.: Vision from prison 1839 of his escape (1)

Joseph Smith Sr.: Ceased functioning as First Presidency counselor 1839 (1)

Lyman Wight: Escaped from custody 1839, fled to Illinois, fugitive from Missouri justice rest of life (1)

Newel K Whitney: Local bishop 1839 (1)

Oliver Cowdery: Delegate to Democratic convention in Ohio 1839 (1)

Oliver Cowdery: Hyrum Smith accused Oliver Cowdery of theft and forgery 1839 (1)

Oliver Cowdery: Sold Missouri lands 1839 to help homeless Mormons leaving the state (1)

Orson Pratt: Aided escape of Parley P Pratt from prison 1839 (1)

Parley P Pratt: Charges of arson and treason dismissed, escaped from custody 1839, fled to Illinois 1839, a fugitive from Missouri justice the rest of his life (1)

1 - Quinn, D. Michael, The Mormon Hierarchy: Origins of Power, Appendix 6, Biographical Sketches of General Officers of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, 1830-47

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