Mormon History, Nov 29, 1839

-- Nov 29, 1839
Higbee, Elias: Met with President Martin Van Buren 29 November 1839. Remained in Washington after Prophets departure for Nauvoo to lobby for redress. (1)

[Hosea Stout] On 26 August of that year Stout was baptized by Charles C. Rich. This was during the height of the Mormon persecutions, and on 26 October Hosea was asked to go with the company of David Patten to engage a mob under Samuel Bogart. The engagement was known as the Battle of Crooked River, and on 31 October twenty-seven Mormon militiamen made their escape to Iowa, where Hosea's wife joined him ten months later. Samantha Stout died from exposure there on 29 November 1839. (2)

U.S. president Martin Van Buren tells Joseph Smith in a personal meeting that the federal government cannot intervene to protect Mormon property or civil rights in Missouri. In 1833 the U.S. Supreme Court had ruled in the Barrow case that the Bill of Rights restrained only the federal government. Until the Civil War and the 14th Amendment the constitutional separation between the federal government and the rights of sovereign states prohibited such intervention. This is also the first meeting between a U.S. president and an LDS president. (3)

[Joseph Smith] Visits United States president Martin Van Buren. (4)

[Joseph Smith] Joseph and Judge Higbee meet with President Martin Van Buren and tell him their petition. The President says he cannot help them. Joseph spends a few more days in Washington trying to find someone who will help the Saints but no one will. (5)

[Joseph Smith] Visits Martin Van Buren, the president of the United States, in Washington, D.C., seeking redress for Missouri injustices. While there, he also petitions the United States Congress for help. (6)

[Lucy Mack Smith] Joseph visits President Martin Van Buren: "Your cause is just . . ." (7)

-- During 1839 Nov
[Lucy Mack Smith] Times and Seasons is published at Nauvoo, Ill. (7)

-- During 1839 November
Times and Seasons began publication in Nauvoo. (8)

-- During 1839, November
First issue of Times and Seasons published, Commerce, IL. (9)

-- During November 1839
Nauvoo receives its first printing press (recovered from Far West). Times and Seasons, ―a Church-focused magazine, is first published in Nauvoo, Illinois; Don Carlos Smith and Ebenezer Robinson, editors. (10)

-- Dec39
[Joseph Smith Sermon] Book of Abraham Reference (11)

-- Dec 3, 1839
At a meeting of the Anointed Quorum's Sunday prayer meeting, the Prophet presented his Appeal to the Green Mountain Boys of Vermont. (Of the thirty-eight members, only Hyrum and Mary were absent.) The appeal asked Vermonters to "rise in the majesty of virtuous freemen, and by all honorable means help to bring Missouri to the bar of justice." After discussion by both men and women, the Appeal was dedicated by prayer. (12)

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