Mormon History, 1839

-- During 1839
Kimball, Heber Chase: Located temporarily in Quincy, Illinois, 1839. (1)

Knight, Joseph, Sr: Located in Nauvoo 1839. Received house and lot donated by high council of Nauvoo. (1)

Knight, Newel: Member of Nauvoo high council 1839-45. (1)

Knight, Newel: Moved to Nauvoo 1839. (1)

Knight, Vinson: As church land agent, assisted in purchasing thousands of acres of land in Lee County, Iowa, May-June 1839. (1)

Knight, Vinson: Expelled from Missouri 1839. (1)

Knight, Vinson: Located temporarily in Quincy, Illinois, 1839. (1)

Law, William: Led company of Saints from Upper Canada to Nauvoo 1839, arriving early November. (1)

Marks, William: Located temporarily in Quincy, Illinois, 1839. (1)

Miller, George: Offered farm to exiled Saints from Missouri 1839. (1)

[Nauvoo] As the Church or its members have little hard money, they have scanty means to purchase properties. However, several arrange to exchange property owned by them in Missouri to the sellers, who accepted the properties in payment. It is not known if the sellers ever collected on the other properties. Joseph Smith and the Church assumed the debt and tried for years to liquidate it. Missionaries are sent to Mormons and non-Mormons in the East and South asking them to exchange their properties and many do so. (2)

[Nauvoo] Commerce City remained a mostly paper town as no lots were actually sold. (2)

[Nauvoo] The Church makes four purchases of land at the "head of the rapids" in Illinois, totaling nearly 660 acres. (2)

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