Mormon History, 1839

-- During 1839
[Black History] Apostle Parley P. Pratt reports that there are fewer than "one dozen free negroes or mulattoes" in the Church. (Late Persecution of the Church of Latter-day Saints, 1840) (1)

[Black History] Elijah Abel made a member of the Nauvoo Seventies Quorum. (1)

Corrill, John: Louis, 1839). (2)

[Eliza R. Snow] When persecution became intolerable in Ohio, the family moved first to Missouri in 1838, and then to Illinois in 1839. Eliza continued to publish verses, among them "O My Father," a favorite Mormon hymn. (3)

A Voice of Warning, by Parley P. Pratt,nd American edition published. (4)

A 'Catalogue of the Officers and Students of the Auburn Theological Seminary 1838-9' refers to the seminary as 'the school of the prophets. "Altogether more than 300 ministers, trained in this school of the prophets, are holding forth the Word of life from Sabbath to Sabbath. What friend of the Redeemer would not invoke the divine blessing upon their labors?" (5)

Led by Brigham Young, the Missouri Mormons reach safety in Illinois, where they are welcomed by a sympathetic populace. (6)

Albert P Rockwood: Elder 1839 (7)

Brigham Young: Committee to draft resolutions for re-settlement of Mormons from Missouri 1839, but did not serve on committee which actually supervised the Missouri exodus (7)

Brigham Young: Vision 1839 of Mormons going to all parts of country and returning to Missouri from west (7)

George A Smith: Indicted 1839 for burglary and inciting riot in Missouri, charges dismissed (7)

Heber C Kimball: Committee 1839 to draft resolutions for re-settlement of Mormons into Illinois, but did not supervise that resetdement (7)

John Smith: Presided over arrangements to relocate Mormons out of Missouri 1839 after which John Smith ceased functioning as member of First Presidency (7)

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