Mormon History, Wednesday, Mar 24, 1847.

[Apostle Willard Richards Journal] Pleasant day. Wind northwest. Dr. [Richards] in office at 9 a.m. Wrote a letter to Mrs. Thomas Richardson, sent it by Rufus Allen. Sent another mail of four letters to Mr. Pisgah. About 2, Dr. blessed Jennetta, daughter of William and Mary Kay. Presidents Young and Kimball, N. K. Whitney, and A. P. Rockwood rode out in the PresidentÂ's carriage about 11. Returned about 3 p.m.
John Barrow says his son, John, was chopping between this place and Cutler Park when five Omahas came upon him, and while they were rifling his pockets, his dog went at them and they shot the dog and struck at his head several times with their tomahawks, and took from him a Green Jacket lined about with a red striped plaid. It is reported that seven cattle have been killed by the Omahas since yesterday.
Old Elk and Logan FontenellÂ's brother, interpreter, called on President Young about 3 p.m., wanted provisions, said he had heard President Young had some provisions for them. President told him we intended to make a field and raise grain for them at their place, and that was all he could do. Asked them to dine and they might sleep in the council house tonight. At dusk the wind blew very strong from [the] north. Presidents Young, Richards, G. A. Smith, E. T. Benson, O. Pratt, Woodruff in office. Heard read letter to Punca. Stayed until quarter past 10. Also read letter from J. M. Estill. This day gave President Young $2.50 for the mill.

[source: Apostle Willard Richards Journal]

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