Mormon History, Mar 21, 1847

[Apostle Wilford Woodruff Journal] 21 Sunday The Camp of Israel met in A general meeting on the public square. President Young addressed the meeting & spoke upon a variety of subjects. He said while speaking upon the spirits that we should prepare our hearts to recieve the spirit of the Lord & we ought to recieve any spirit that comes to us into our hearts enough to prove whether it be good or bad. Then we should recieve the good & refuse the evil. He reproved the people sharply for their stealing & other wickedness for complaining & many things of interest was spoken unto us.
I met in Council with the Twelve at 4 oclok & spent a little season in speaking upon the celestial law of the Kingdom of God & our souls were made glad & we rejoiced before the Lord. We also called into Br Bensons & spent a social hour. We then met with the High Council But not much business was done. We had a severe snow storm during the night.

[source: Wilford Woodruff's Journal: 1833-1898 Typescript, Volumes 1-9, Edited by Scott G. Kenney, Signature Books 1993,]

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