Mormon History, Mar 26, 1847

[Hosea Stout Diary] Friday March 26th 1847. Clear fine warm day. South wind[.] At Eleven oclock today there was a public meeting called at the stand for the purpose of transacting business before the Twelve and pioneers go away and to lay the Acts and resolves of the different councils from time to time before the people for their approval or disapproval that there might not be any grumbling after the Twelve were gone, at what was done.
The first business was a vote to stockade in this place by houses as before mentioned which was carried unanimously.
The subject of killing the Indians was next taken up. It was thought best if any one did kill any, for their depredations, to give the offender up to them
At half past 12 meeting adjourned for one hour, after which the congregation came together again. The afternoon was mostly spent in teaching by Brigham & Heber. Brigham spoke particular in relation to what would follow when the Twelve were gone, that men would rise up and complain that the Twelve were not right & that they themselves we[re] the ones to lead and govern the people, and that he knew who it was &c and plainly pointed out some who were now trying to raise up a party to themselves. The meeting lasted untill near sun set, after which I arrainged the guard and had to put out a patrol guard on the out side to the South & West of the city to keep off the Indians who were lurking about to steal horses and cattle at night.after the guard arraingements were done I came home at half past nine oclock.

[source: Diaries of Hosea Stout]

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