Mormon History, Tuesday, Mar 16, 1847.

[Apostle Willard Richards Journal] Wind in the south, mild. About 10, Presidents Young and Kimball called at the office, then visited the wagon makers in the council house. About 11, Dr. [Richards] arose, came in the office. Shortly afterwards President Young returned. Had read a letter from Dexter Stillman in the Battalion. W. W. Phelps, P. Richards, E. Hunter, etc. Brother John Kay sang the journeying song. President Young burned a note of hand for $100, payable to [?] Tucker, or bearer. Endorsement receipt for $57.50.
Between 3 and 4, H. C. Kimball and Dr. [Richards] were writing a letter to KimballÂ's family. At quarter [?], B. Young, H. C. Kimball, W. Richards, G. A. Smith, I. Morley, Joseph Young, Edward Hunter, N. K. Whitney, Daniel Spencer, Ira Eldridge, J. W. Cummings, A. O. Smoot, J. D. Lee met in council in the office to consult whether ox teams should go with the pioneers. Susanna Liptrot delivered Margaret, wife of John Rushton, of a son named John Willard at 4 a.m. W. Woodruff came in, also, A. Cutler, W. Farr, R. Cahoon, Herriman, S. Roundy. Voted that those persons who wish to take ox teams in the pioneer company have the privilege, but take the spryest they have got and at their own risk. Let all the pioneers have blankets for horses, mules, cows, and oxen.
Presidents Young, Benson, and Richards went to John NeffÂ's and confirmed Franklin Neff, Susanna Musser, Susanna Neff, and Mary Ann Neff, whom Brother Benson had baptized this p.m. Dr. [Richards] returned home about 10.

[source: Apostle Willard Richards Journal]

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