Mormon History, Mar 26, 1847

[Minutes, Quorum of Twelve] March 26. " past 7 PM. [I]n Drs. [Willard Richards s] office. [Present:] Pres[iden]ts. [Brigham] Young, [Heber C.]
Kimball, [Willard] Richards, [Amasa] Lyman, [Orson] Pratt, [Ezra T.] Benson, [Wilford] Woodruff, [George A.] Smith, N[ewell]. K. Whitney, A[lbert] P. Rockwood, G[eorge]. D. Grant, John Eldridge, Edson Whipple-[Thomas] Bullock & anot[her] man, William McCarry (the Indian) & his Wife-
William McCary[:] I address myself to you as my br[other]s. & my leader-I am satisfied by you-& in some places I am hypocritically abused-[T]he bishops have councillled the p[eo]pl[e] not to suffer such a Str[anger] as me in their Wigwams. [S]ome say, there go the old nigger & his White Wife-to day some of the Sis[ters]. /said/ that is the man that bro Brigham tells his family to treat with disrespect-sev[era]l. heard her-if there is any dissatisfact[io]n. & I am not right, I will walk right-& to the chalk line-I came in as a red man & want to go out as a red man what am I to depend-[I]f I am wrong I want to walk right, I want you to tell me & then I will tell you what God sent me /here/ for-we were all white once, why have I the stain now[?]-God has told me to walk up the lady-I come to lay myself at the foot & God & you for the bal-I seek the footstool at your feet-[D]ont these backbiters think that I have feeling if I was a nigger[?]-I got baptism [and] I am thankful for it, but I d as like to be as a nigger as an Indian as many think they are as one-I dont want any one to transgress-I am come here for my Sal[vatio]ns. sake, & providing I get this feeling from you I will walk the ri[g]ht. road-[S]ome sa[y] I am as Adam, some [say I am] as the Indian Prophet-I want the person to come & tell me to my face, providing I behave myself, & you told me to teach all my p[eo]pl[e] to obey the K[ingdom] of God-[M]ust I obey you, or must I obey them that dont obey you[?]-(obey me /B. Y./ ) [I]f I am Adam & we was to say here comes a head jumping along with a head white as wool-they wo[ul]d. say where is your body? Oh Ive left that home (laugh). I wish to cleanse my self, my heart, my manners, & I want to love you if I am [a] black sheep-I am speaking of [a] 4[-]leg[ged] sheep now-[T]o see the head come along & sa[y] I am ancient of days & leave [my] body at home is two things-provided ancient of days comes he must bring his body along-provided I was Adam what wo[ul]d. the p[eo]pl[e] do[?]-[W]hy theyd be as the dog was with the hot dumpling-[I]f old Fat[her]. was to come-I want to know how many Fa[the]rs. & mo[the]rs. to save [the] p[eo]pl[e]-[W]e must have Fat[hers]. & Mo[ther]s. to save [the] p[eo]pl[e] in some wa[y]-[N]ow when Adam comes he will bring the lost rib with him- provided the body comes, the Indian[s] have no oath in their tongue-I ask Jack Redding why he swear[s]-[O]h, says he, the white people tell me-Borecale is the same man-they are both placed in one body-I have got as strait hair as any other person-[L]ook at it, there is no sight in [the] left eye-[and] no hearing in [the] left ear-I want to understand among the 12 whe[the]r. I am protected if I do right[?]-[I]f there is so much fuss about it that I have a lost rib, you give it up there can be no stuffing, one man confesses to be Adam-and the ancient of Days, Emor. man is trying to get up a mob to drive me out of the city-[T]here is no man but they speak evil of-they even speak evil of God-you can see & examine-[I]f you ex[amine] my body, see ab[ou]t. it & ex[amine]. for yourself-so long as a [this] White woman is so much in the way, good God why dont they give me a red woman[?]-[T]here is so much mock modesty, you may have seen a red skin jump into his costume-[A]s my Wife is not ashamed I dont think you will be ashamed-
[H]e put on his Indian costume-Dr. R felt his ribs-
B. Y.[:] What are we to understand by your asking us to ex[amine]. you[?]
McCarry[:] I want to prove whether I have been here bef[ore]. to be ex[amine]d. I have come to let you know what I am accused for I say my body is no more-I[ ]ve come here to lay myself bef[ore] you as your servant-
Dr. R.[:] I dont discover any thing novel.
McCarry[: T]he p[eo]pl[e] are going it all the time[;] some call me Adam, some old nigger-
I want to know what is the diff[erence?]:
B. Y.[: H]ave you one rib more on your right than on your left[?]-
W McC.-[T]hats what I am come here to find out. [H]ere s the odd rib-(Wife)
H. C. K[: T]hen you have more on one side than the other.
McC. Ah, there s it-every one of you have a rib short-not here-but mine is here-
B. Y.[: Y]our body is not what is your mission.
McC.[: A]ll I ask is, will you protect me[?]-I[ ]ve come here & given myself out to be your servant-
B. Y.[: I]ts nothing to do with the blood, for of one blood has God made all flesh, we have to repent & regain what we have lost-[W]e have one of the best Elders an African in Lowell-a barber-
John Eldridge-[B]rother Lyman, you know they pointed me out as [a] dreamer, & 6 weeks ago I dreamed of this very man coming & stripping himself like this.
McC.[:] I hope now they[ l]l let me /live/ in peace now. (McCary dressed himself again.) I have now satisfied them & they have satisfied me & if any one molests me I will come to bro.
Brigham. I tho[ugh]t. it well to come & report myself to the heads of the Ch[urch]-[I]f I am a darky, I want to serve God-(Amen B. Y.)
McC.[:] I am very much obliged at meeting you in love & gratitude-[T]hose that are not my friends I want them to tell me-if you have any thing if your hearts you may as well tell me as I shall know all in 48 hours-
Mrs. McC.[:] I really want to know whe[the]r. you bel[iev]e the bible or not?
B. Y.[:] Sister Lucy, in what respect do you mean-in parlon parts-
Mrs. McC.[:] Some is fulfilled-some is not translated right-[Y]ou certainly bel[ieve] the bible by Jos[ep]ths. translations.
McC.[:] If we dont bel[ieve] the bible, we are in a poor fix for /sl[?]/.
B. Y.[:] We bel[ieve]: the bible, & we bel[ieve]: all truth-they we have [the] B[ible]., [the]
B[ook] of Mormon, & [the] D[octrine]. & C[ovenants] & [illegible writing] the living oracles. [T]his is puts us in poss[essi]on of the living oracles-[I]f a man says he bel[ieves]. [the] Bible, B[ook] of Mormon, & D[octrine]. & C[ovenants]. & is not baptized for the remission of sins-he ll be damned-
McCary[: S]uppose I want to make a visit to the Arkansas & take my Wife to meet my Mo[the]r[? W]hen one Sheep breaks out all the rest are chiefly inclined to follow-among the Choctaws-[W]hy Jesus Christ was born in a Stable-does that follow that he had a horses head[?]-I am afraid of ans[werin]g. questions bec[ause]: p[eo]pl[e] will take this thing wrong.
[P]ersons come to me & tell me that the 12 dont teach the Bible-& again they ask are you going to the mountains this year[?] I tell them I never calculate beyond my nose-[T]hey ask questions, & then answer them themselves & run away & say I tell them-[I]f any man comes forward & says more than that he tells what is not true-[S]ome ask what do you think ab[ou]t. the D[octrine]. & C[ovenants].-I ask what they think-they tell me-then I say thats enough, you have answered the question yourselves-I am satisfied-I want you to intercede for me I am not a Pres[iden]t., or an leader of the p[eo]pl[e] but a common bro[the]r.-because I am a little shade darker.
B. Y.[: W]e dont care about the color.
McC.[: D]o I hear that from all-(Aye) /all
/H. C. K.[: D]ont you feel a good spirit here bro William[?]
McC.[:] Yes-thank God. [T]here are 2 or 3 men at the end of the Camp who want to kill me-I am satisfied in all-with you all. I am coming to lay myself at your feet & If God picks me up-its God & you for it-I mean to travel to the mountain if I only go a mile a day-that is if you dont pick up the road & put it in your pocket-/(laugh)/ I am a Frenchman by trade, but never practice it-(laugh). [O]ne man next door to me says I wo[ul]d. like to be an Indian but I can not speak Choctaw-now I say I dare him to talk American-
John Eldridge spoke some Dutch-McCarry talked in reply in Dutch-[H]e then played on his little thirty six cents flute-he said its no lay put, I ll put a lay to it.
McC.[:] I have no means-nor nothing-you cannot pick up the road & put it in your pocket-
B. Y.[: S]uppose we get out to have the council house on Monday evening next & give it out for 12" each[? W]e want every person to be fitted out & not have to stay to hunt-
McC.[:] I would like them to be come & be satisfied-
B. Y.[: I] dont care what the p[eo]pl[e] say, shew by your actions that you dont care for what they say-[A]ll we do is to serve the Lord with all our hearts-
McCary[:] I help to pick up the cross of Christ-I bel[ieve]. in the Bible so far as I feel is right-I will take my Bible to my folks & tell them & you may preach 25000 years & they wont bel[ieve]. it-([H]e then ridiculed the American peculiarities of speech) [and] shewed [that] um, um, guess so, may be, think so, to be five foolish virgins-& yea, yea, nay, nay, & amen to be the 5 Wise Virgins-[He] told us of the frog. "knee deep," "knee deep", /& "deeper"/ "wants more bacon," more bacon, /"fried bacon"/ & then when they are going to apostatize they sing out "more rum," "more rum," & then asked to part with good feelings & a Lyman to pray-
A. Lyman made [a] prayer.
McCarry[:] I wish you would mention to the Bishops on the South & teach them not to come with one face to me, & not go & tell you the brethren not to let me come into their Wigwams. I ask this in the name of God the Father, Jesus Christ the Son, Mary the Mother & the Holy Ghost, Amen.
We shall get amongst the Royal family soon-& drank a toast[:] "heres to the trouser loon gang & the petticoat loon gang, may the trouser loon gang never be overcome by the petticoat loon gang."

[source: Minutes, Quorum of Twelve]
[Minutes, Quorum of Twelve]

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