Mormon History, Monday, Mar 29, 1847.

[Apostle Willard Richards Journal] At 8 a.m., the presidents of divisions, captains of companies, pioneers, and Presidents B. Young, W. Richards, E. T. Benson, O. Pratt, A. Lyman, G. A. Smith, H. C. Kimball, also Isaac Morley, Alpheus Cutler and counselors present. Met at the council house when the First Division reported 67 pioneers ready. The President wanted as many as were ready this morning to take up some families to the farm, and as many as possible to start for Â"the HornÂ" tomorrow morning. Dr. [Richards] busy preparing his wagon for pioneering. The sun set, having the appearance of dull silver.
William McCarry gave a concert in the council house. Presidents Young, Richards, Kimball, and Benson present. After his variations, dancing commenced and kept up till after midnight. Dr. [Richards] and T. B. [Thomas Bullock] in the office writing postscript to Jacob Peart giving him instructions how to proceed the coming spring, giving directions to William Kay to procure Dr.Â's cattle. Wrote a note to Messrs. Potter, Arnold, Stewart, and Mercer, the herdsmen, to send by Isaac Brown tomorrow morning.
Elizabeth McFate Richards died about 11 p.m. Wife of Franklin D. Richards.
Beautiful spring morning. Wind gentle from the south, turned to west in afternoon.

[source: Apostle Willard Richards Journal]

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