Mormon History, Mar 26, 1847

At Winter Quarters Brigham Young teaches, "I felt that it was wrong to indulge in feelings of hostility and bloodshed toward the Indian, the descendants of Israel, who might kill a cow, an ox or even a horse; to them the deer, the buffalo, the cherry and plum tree or strawberry bed were free. . . . I preached to the saints in the afternoon, and told them that it would be necessary for those who followed the pioneers to take eighteen months provisions. . . .At sundown, I met the brethren of the Twelve, and others, also William McCarey, the Indian Negro, and his wife at the office. McCarey made a rambling statement, claiming to be Adam, the ancient of days, and exhibited himself in Indian costume; he also claimed to have an odd rib."

[source: On This Day in Mormon History,]

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