Mormon History, Sunday, Mar 14, 1847.

[Apostle Willard Richards Journal] Wind from northwest, cold. At 28 minutes to 7, the municipal high council was called to order in the council house by Alpheus Cutler. Present: Presidents H. C. Kimball, O. Pratt, A. Lyman, B. Young, W. Richards, W. Woodruff, E. T. Benson, G. A. Smith, N. K. Whitney. Minutes of the 28th [of] February read and accepted. O. Pratt appointed treasurer for taxes. Necessary to appoint some other in his place. The sexton having again made report of burials, which was imperfect. Voted that the papers be again returned to the sexton, and the bishops make full reports to him that he may be able to make a correct report.
N. K. Knight preferred a charge against John Murdock for not paying him for the board of Henry B. Turner. Voted that one on a side speak. Voted that the charge be dropped, then voted that N. K. Knight have $1.50 per week. President Cutler instructed the clerk to draw an order on N. K. Whitney, the Presiding Bishop, for the balance due. Charge 12 weeks at $1.50 = $18.00. Paid on account $5.65, balance $12.35 due to N. K. Knight.
President Young then told the council they were fixing a load for their shoulders which would be hard to bear if bishops have to keep the poor themselves. I would motion that Brother Knight be ordained a bishop and then the debt is paid. He instructed the brethren to forget dancing, and now commence prayer meetings and administer the sacrament. President Young motioned that this case be dismissed, the charge against Bishop Murdock dropped, an order on the Church property in the hands of Bishop Whitney for the amount now due, the boy then to be sustained by the bishops and the written contract between Bishop Murdock and Brother Knight destroyed. Seconded and carried.
The President then called for teams and men to go tomorrow to finish the mill dam. The pioneer company to meet at 9 tomorrow morning to organize. I want all to meet one day at the stand to counsel together by the ringing of the bell. You must observe more order in your councils than you have done tonight. I now say to all who profess to have the authority of the high priesthood they ought to repent of their heart wanderings and dig about themselves, and not be negligent in duty in serving the Lord. Return unto the Lord. Get the Holy Ghost and keep it. Pray for me and my brethren, that we may carry off the kingdom of God. We must not indulge in negligence, slothfulness, coldness. If we have a little power, seek for more, have visits from angels.
Who has faith? We are apt to trust in the arms of flesh. We must trust in the Almighty and have faith to say to the sick, be healed, to the sickness, depart from this habitation. Live for it and we will have it. WeÂ're looking for glory, immortality, and eternal lives. Go at it that we may turn away disease from the camp, that we may live and redeem Zion. This is what we ought to live for and obtain. We have to work and labor. Pray that we may live to do a great work in the earth. Pray for me. Hang on to another. Never slacken your exertions. DonÂ't give it up. I say hang on, donÂ't give it up, be wide awake, have your hearts open and know what you ought to do all the time.
I feel all the time like Moses. I would to God that all these, my brethren, were prophets, seers, and revelators. Then live to them and glorify our Father in Heaven. Have you seen anything but a quiet, meek spirit while IÂ've been here. I am just what God has made me and I pray that I may be an instrument in gathering up Zion. When the devil and all his powers is bound, I will wake up and see it. Get this people to a place of rest as quick as possible. If you donÂ't like my company just leave me, withdraw and go in peace, but if they kick up their heels God will curse them. I want this people to be righteous and for every man to honor the priesthood. We are not yet prepared for all things. Men have their weaknesses and failings. Shall not we bear with them, but when men do wrong knowingly, why remove them. Motioned that Brother Pratt put his treasury books into the hands of Brother Bullock. Seconded and carried. [At] quarter past 11, adjourned to next Sunday at 6 p.m.

[source: Apostle Willard Richards Journal]

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