Mormon History, Thursday, Mar 25, 1847.

[Apostle Willard Richards Journal] Cold north wind. Frost in night, bright day. President Young called about 10 with David Lewis. Read the epistle to the Saints at Punca. At quarter to 11, Big Elk, Chief of Omahas, White Buffalo, his first counselor, another Indian, and Albert Fontenelle, interpreter, conversed about half an hour regarding OmahaÂ's robbing the boy of his green jacket, stealing George A. SmithÂ's two horses last night, and killing our cattle the last two or three days. Elk said if the horses were in his nation they should be returned, but the Puncas and Pawnees were in the neighborhood and stealing horses and cattle.
Dr. came in office about half past 11. G. A. Smith talked about his horses and cattle, etc. Samuel Frost arrived with a mail of seven letters and three papers from HuntsuckerÂ's Ferry. Thomas Cottam brought four letters. Thursday evening (25th), high council at [?] President B. Young, Kimball, Richards, Woodruff, Smith, Lyman, Benson. Council voted that John Neff might take [a] fifth of the grain for toll at the mill. President Young told the council that if a brother shot an Omaha Indian for stealing, they must deliver the murderer to Old Elk to be dealt with as the Indians shall decide, and that was the only way to save the lives of the women and children.
President Young offered the mill proprietors, Eldridge and Bass, to get them more mill irons and mill stone, or himself and Brother Kimball would be responsible to pay them for the portion which had been used in erecting the mill.

[source: Apostle Willard Richards Journal]

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