Mormon History, Mar 21, 1847

[Brigham Young Sermon] B. Young arose and said he thought it would not hurt the people to meet a short time this morning. It is wisdom to take all the care of ourselves we can. I hoped to stand a day when the men would all be here. If we should have a comfortable day yet we will meet. Experience is the best schoolmaster the children of men ever had. As fast as the saints are worn out we lay them aside, and consign them to the [-] house. In proportion tot he [-], we are not equaled the [-] of [-] houses in Nauvoo. We are as well off here as in Nauvoo. It is the principle of the saints mingled with faith to overcome in a degree - When we understand how to order our course before God we will have power to say disease. It is true the Lord giveth and it is his right to take away when he things right - whether in youth or middle age - if the people were obedient to the will of the Lord and were zealous, it is his will we live to a good old age - all the acts and scenes that have before us are overruled by the Almighty, and when our eyes are open to see our ears to hear, we will [-] the goodness of God and every tongue will confess that Jesus is the Christ, he is the king, the Lord, supreme and lawgiver, we shall [-] behold and realize it, that Jesus in the Christ - and he rules in the heavens - I exhort my brothers and sisters to prayerfulness, kindness, [-] fulness, long suffering, that the Lord may favor us [-] when we [-] in his name he will help us. I want them to humble themselves before the Lord and double their diligence - you know yourselves whether you are faithful you will stop, reflect, meditate and wait with patience, the spirit will tell you where you can claim the blessings of heaven or not. To the saints who have received the remissions of their sins, if they only receive the Holy Ghost and lost that their case? Is more dangerous than an honest man that never heard the gospel preached. Every man does receive the spirit of the Lord, this they do receive from time to time Jesus reflects knowledge just as [-] a they beneath, receive that and all the inhabitants of the earth are enlightened up from time to time, for instance I am a father and have my children, they are not [-] to receive all I have for them. I help and assist them from time to time - and when they come to a knowledge I bestow upon them then dowry and a so go there confirm it - they are endowed with the Holy Ghost from on high, when the prophets are their dowry it is for them to do with it as they please, when God gives the Holy Ghost by the imposition of hands that is their subject to them all their days but if they fool it more how great is their darkness, they are in danger of hundred fold more than those who never heard the gospel. Every man who professes to be a Latter-day Saint ought to keep the spirit so that they fall not into darkness but reject the temptations - resist the devil and he will flee from you. It is the will of the Lord that every good man or woman live to a good old age, a good knows the enemy is always striving to get away and destroy from the earth. (Related his dream about Joseph when he was sick) No man can tell anything about the spirit until they have them in their hearts. The least retractory feeling will come the spirit of truth not to get into the heart. It must be ready open [-] free and then the Holy Ghost will enter in and tell things that are past, present and to come. It will renovate and renew the entire [-] of the man. The Lord being my helper I will tell it to the people - for it is like fire in my bones and if you will not get the spirit of the Lord you will be destroyed and I know it. It is always my feelings to do the best I can. No man or woman can go into the eternal world of burnings without being pure and holy, cleave unto the Lord and forsake all evil - than you can go forth like the Gideonites, sound the trumpet and conquer. I never feel that I could creep into heaven with a back load of sins - it is needful that our sins go to judgment before us - if the people had pure hearts and were perfectly united, sickness and death would have no business here - the brethren are very patient of man the power of God is ready to be poured out upon the Elders of Israel. What business have you with Tom Sharp and Levi Williams? None at all - it is your business to preach the gospel to the world, build up the kingdom of God - it is a marvel to my eyes that the Elders of Israel are not swept out of existence for the wickedness they want to practice. I don't want to have? Or dwell with my enemies, let them alone. They have contracted the debt and they will have enough to do to pay their debt. You have no business with them, unless I tell you to. We are now going away from this place send any man to hell who will bring stolen goods. I never steal anything unless it ought to be stolen - I distrust the [-] and never or the gentiles - they [-] are all [-] together - I would well it all over times? I have swore precious [-] than all the gentiles log? - I wonder whether God uses Boggs? Up in heaven, I don't thing he does. The gentiles will be damned any how. Go to and get your flour and go with the saints - we shall want to send out the elders of Israel to preach to the people the gospel - when you tell the truth it will run into every honest heart and they cannot get it up again. Will the spirit of the Lord dwell in the heart of any who is grumbling and growling? A saying that the twelve oppress this people - and ask why Brother Brigham cant make a gent or lady of me - you poor curses you, you are cursed and you will have the wrath of God resting upon you - you [-] my name to back up all public business. I shall until all the [-] doings of every one of you. The scale has turned - every man has become a poor man and they are complaining - never covet that which is why neighbors, be patient, be submissive, if I will afflicted with [-] I should be just right, I am going to a stake of Zion with fasting and prayer and the word of wisdom has got to be kept and quit tobacco, snuffing, drinking and swearing - if this people will be humble and prayerful the spirit of the Lord will be increased a hundred fold - but if you neglect this you will be afflicted more than ever. I wish every man to say, '"Just you say what I must do and I will do it'" - let the dead bury their dead. I want to do in faith and prayer and lay a stake of Zion. If the providence of the Lord has cast my lot and family to die, cant I die without grumbling if you have not faith to live here you have not faith to live there. Sixteen years ago 1,100 soldiers went up to the fort and about 125 died in a fortnight - here have been 4,000 all winter and not that no dead yet - if I can get half a pint of boiled corn and a little milk it is better for me than eating meat. We will have another day together before leaving this place. -- Winter Quarters, Nebraska [Thomas Bullock Minutes, LJA; Thomas Bullock—LDS Church Reporter, 1844-56.C, Archives, Church History Library, Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, Salt Lake City, Utah.; GCM, Archives, Church History Library, Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, Salt Lake City, Utah..; General Church Minutes. Selected Collections from the Archives of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints DVD 1 (2002)]

[source: The Complete Discourses of Brigham Young, Ed. Richard S. Van Wagoner, Smith-Pettit Foundation, Salt Lake City (2009)]

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