Mormon History, Wednesday, Feb 24, 1847.

[Apostle Willard Richards Journal] Winter Quarters. Moderately cold. South air. About 12, President Young came in the office and had his stove put in the office while the Dr.Â's stove was mended. About 4, President Young, Kimball, Benson, Richards, and Hathaway were in the office consulting about duplicates of a check of $80 dollars from U. S. by James Allen in favor of James Pollock, one signed by J. Polick. The Presidency walked to the store of Bishop Whitney and chatted a while, waiting for J. Redding who was absent. Returned about 5 to meet in an hour at the post office.
Dr. [Richards] called at Brother Roundy's and Bishop SpencerÂ's about 8 [in the] evening. President Young, Kimball, E. T. Benson were in the post office and presented one check of $140, one of $118, one of $80, duplicates, dated July 21, 1846, drawn by T. Atkins, Lieutenant Colonel, signed by James Polick, but drawn in favor of James Pollock. Burned; Dr. asked what are these for, President Young says for the burning. I [?] said I would rather give all that I am worth, etc., and two duplicates of the same date, $80 each, in favor of and signed by James Pollock. President Young said I swore by the Eternal God, I will cut every manÂ's throat who will not stop this cursed work of stealing and counterfeiting. I promised to do right for time to come.
Four letters sent by Brother Cutler to St. JosephÂ's. Council left about 9:30 and retired about 10 and chatted on pioneering, etc. until about 9:30, when President Young, Kimball, and Benson retired, and the Dr. went to writing a continuation of a letter to Colonel Kane, letter to Msgr. Henry, and to the Saints in the U. S., and closed about 2 a.m.

[source: Apostle Willard Richards Journal]

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