Mormon History, Tuesday, Feb 16, 1847.

[Apostle Willard Richards Journal] Winter Ouarters. Warm, mild northwest wind. Dr. [Richards] rose about noon, not having been asleep till about 7. Waked about 12. President Young, Benson, and several of the brethren called at the office and read minutes of the doings of the brethren at Punca.
About quarter to 2 p.m., President Young came in the council house where [there] were about 66 of President YoungÂ's family, to wit: his adopted children and including Brothers W. Richards, George A. Smith, E. T. Benson, [and] A. Lyman of the Twelve. President Young stated the object of the meeting was to sing and pray, and speak; that the Church, to a great extent to this day, was ignorant of the doctrine of family relations, of the sealing principles, and the necessity therefore, and to learn of these things is the object before us. Choir sang, "O Happy Souls Who Pray," led by Brother Goddard. President Young prayed. Singing, "The Glorious Day Is Rolling On."
President Kimball came in [at] 23 past 2. President Young addressed the company. W. Woodruff came in. The sealing ordinance gives rise to jealousies in the minds of some who do not comprehend things. Just as quick as there was a bishop and presidents appointed to preside over any place, jealousies began to arise. Wonder if I ever shall be promoted.
When the Twelve were appointed, the high priests queried whether the Twelve had more power, or [were] more honorable, etc. Some of the Twelve felt the same. Our influence is nothing. Why doesnÂ't Joseph give us the power that belongs to us? I had no doubt, if I am faithful, he will receive according to his faithfulness, to his acts, his integrity, my willingness. Principle of the plurality of wives. Multiply and replenish the earth. Did not. Inhabitants corrupted themselves, and devised means to cut off his very existence. Law to have more wives than one.
One says if [I] get married, I donÂ't know but I shall get another manÂ's wife, etc. Ask Joseph or Brigham, donÂ't know but he will want her. Jealousies arise. Call an ignorant elder and get married, theyÂ're afraid, fear will be their torment. They carry a little hell in bosom. Had no fear, but husband have his right if he wasnÂ't satisfied. Would appeal to the Circuit Court, etc., to the KingÂ's bench. Tell the elders to go out and get all they could to be sealed to them, and they would lie, cheat, steal, or even murder through jealousy to get man sealed to them, and all through jealousies. If anyone had not confidence to believe, I would teach him right all the time he ought never to have gone into the temple with me. If a man, who God has set to lead the people goes astray, God will remove him.
The people, without the spirit, are just as likely to choose a false prophet as true. I want my family to know if I am a good man for themselves. [The] Lord gave man [the] keys of Priesthood and told man what to do, but he did not do it and men slipped out of it. The Priesthood consists in the organization of the government of God on the earth. Earth has got to remain till every spirit has come to this earth which was designed to come here. When the prophets were persecuted by backsliders and died, the Priesthood went with them. A good prophet might cry to a blind people all the day but of what use, they would not discern. There are people in this church who do not know the voice of God from the devil. If the Priesthood had not been taken away, the chain to men had not been broken. Priesthood comes and goes. In the organization of the world there wants to be the same connection with men as there is in the Priesthood. Must be a connection from Adam to the last man born of woman, the same as in the Priesthood in eternity like NephiÂ's iron rod. If you let go, tis the same as though the rod were taken away. If men are not saved together, they cannot be saved at all. Brother Pratt was in. [?] There are those who want to go by the Twelve to Joseph, and by Joseph between him and God, or the angels who ministered to him. Priesthood must be connected. This is why the law of adoption is introduced. If there is a righteous man, God says multiply and replenish the earth, you are the head of the woman and are her god.
Joseph said, seems of times there is not an item of the celestial law which I have received but I have taught you, the Twelve. As you live and are faithful, you never will need any knowledge but what you will have. In the last day the Savior shall come up on Mount Zion, not perfect without us. The ancients, fathers, and servants--are they perfect, no, until our children rise up in the last days and attend to all the ordinances. Then clip jealousy. We are all Father Adam's. I had just as leave[?] be linked to Father Morley as to Joseph if it was right. I am entitled to the Priesthood by blood, and so is Brother Kimball, and several others here.
Why did not Father SmithÂ's oldest son find the plates, etc., on account of the blood. As soon as the time comes, I shall form the chain to Father Adam. That is the business of this Church, to build up Zion and the blessings of the Priesthood to all that have lived, family organization. I want to stop your calling me Father Young. In the Priesthood the term properly applies to Father Adam and to our Father in Heaven. [I] am willing to have them sealed to me in the Priesthood and they are bound to obey my counsel. I am not bound to support my children in bread. Mean to get my children in a family organization and make them support me, and I do not mean to do anything but counsel this people.
It sometimes seems as though I should go into my grave on account of the burden and cares upon me. I pity folks for what they need. Brother Green's house was burned. I told him I did not pity him. At evening I got $2 for marrying a couple, which I gave Brother Green, telling him I pitied him $2.00. I administer to others in the Priesthood and they make me a savior. We keep records to administer to them who fall by the way, for the dead, etc.
Your relation to me, of your councillor here, shall be forever, shall preside over this people to all eternity, and over the Twelve if I am faithful. If they are sealed to any of the Twelve, what is the difference, they are my brethren. Let there be no electioneering on this subject. If it does not stop, I may say to the twelve you must all be sealed to me. Closed [at] 10 minutes to four.
George Grant went out to see that the tea and coffee is prepared.
President Kimball spoke. Meant to be careful and never step before he looked. No man out of danger when he does wrong. We shall some day all run together and I hate jealousy. Elder Kimball spoke 20 minutes, or till 4. Orson Pratt spoke, was sorry he was not present at the present. [At] 12 minutes past 4 had an intermission. John H. Tippets [and] Thomas Wolsey arrived to supper at the third table and brought a mail from the Battalion of 135 letters. President Young took 11 letters, President Kimball 2, President Lyman 6, paid $25.10. G. A. Smith 2, paid. The brethren reported the death of several brethren, among whom was Joseph Richards, son of Phinehas Richards, and that many of the brethren had returned to Pueblo sick; that they had been taken twice by the Indians coming to camp. About 7:30 President Young addressed his family. Said that he would rather be annihilated than be deprived of his family and of all society in eternity.
If this, a great people, cut me off or leave me, they can get no exaltation and neither of us can get any glory alone. We must finish our work together, and so with the whole human family. This revolting principle causes men to become angels to the devil. Misery of devils is no privilege of a tabernacle. No mansion to put a tabernacle in if I had one, but the greatest is I have clipped the cord that bound me to their blessings, but the fulness of their torment is not revealed. What is my glory? My family around me of one heart and mind.
When I have a hundred, I will soon have a thousand, etc., etc., and so on. My 10 sons each have their 10 sons. Each one is a king and I
am king of kings, etc., and if I am faithful I shall have a number as numerous as the sands upon the seashore. President Young closed about 8:30, then continued. A question has been asked me. My father died without the gospel. When he comes up, says you have been sealed to another and given away my glory. No. You must be linked to the Priesthood.
Joseph Young asked if a man belonging to the Church in a distant part of the earth, and does not come up to get his endowment till all these things are fulfilled? President Brigham said if a man went off on an island, into space, when would he get his endowment. Brother Benson spoke a few moments, followed by Joseph Young. President Brigham spoke. William Major spoke followed by Brother Brigham, and wanted the young sisters to keep themselves clean and their clothes clean, and their houses clean, and when they make bread, make bread, and when they serve up butter, butter on one plate, and the wings, hair, etc., on another plate. Told how to shake hands. The brethren must be kind to their wives, and the women make their bread and attend to their affairs.
[At] 10:30, conversation gave way to music. After dances, meeting closed with a blessing from Father Morley.

[Apostle Willard Richards Journal]

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