Mormon History, Saturday, Feb 6, 1847.

[Apostle Willard Richards Journal] Winter Quarters. Weather warm, wind south. Dr. [Richards] arose about 10, called at Phinehas [Phineas] YoungÂ's. About noon tended post office, etc. About 3, President Young called at post office with his wife. Counted $200 in silver he had borrowed of [?], and gave his note for the same. William Kay and John Rushton topped off the Octagon around the steeple. Dr. walked out about 4, visited Lyman Hinmon and George Eddings, who gave himself to the Dr. for adoption. Called at A. Lyman's, Brother Neff's, Sister Taylor's, Brother Thorne's, and Woodruff's, who went home with the Dr. and read the tribune. Dr. called on President Young about 8, who was reading "The Word and Will of the Lord" to Levi Stewart and Josiah Arnold, and then saw Brother Rolfe's brother had arrived from Burlington.
Met him in the street and gave him two letters, and told him Governor French had withdrawn the troops from Hancock County, where and in the surrounding counties great excitement prevailed. Many stores had been robbed. About 100 men were under suspicion and some of them in jails. About 20 Mormons were suspected of the 100. Seven letters were found in the post office by Dr. Richards, supposed to have been put in by Brother Rolfe. It is reported a man in St. Joseph's, Missouri, has lost a horse stolen about two weeks before the brethren started for England, and charges the stealing to a Scotchman who had been with Parley, and that Parley was seen riding said horse north about 50 miles from St. Joseph, that he was in no hurry and thought the time would come when he could catch him.
Dr. [Richards] called at Brother LeviÂ's and William KayÂ's, and wrote journal 11 ½ [at 11:30], and went to sleep till 6 next morning. Patty Sessions delivered Elizabeth Ann, wife of Newel K. Whitney, of a son born February 6th, 11 oÂ'clock p.m., named Melchisidec [Melchizedek?] Newel.

[source: Apostle Willard Richards Journal]

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