Mormon History, Monday, Feb 8, 1847.

[Apostle Willard Richards Journal] Winter Quarters. Warm, pleasant. Dr. [Richards] rose at 10 a.m. About noon, Harrison Burgess delivered a mail of five letters and three papers from Austin post office. Paid Levi Stewart $3.75 for E. Ann Peirson coffin and burial. Paid Levi Stewart 13 yards cal. [calico] 1/6 - 3.25; 13 yds. shirt 1/?-2.17; 8 yds cal. [calico] 1/6 - 2.00 [?] 5.42, and one pair [of] little shoes.
[At] 3 p.m., sent mail of five letters for a.m. [morning] by Lorenzo Young. One of them for Joseph A. Stratton, St. Louis. About 2 p.m., President Young was in the office with Mr. Groves, who took a letter for Major Miller and soon after left camp. About 5 p.m. Presidents Young, Kimball, C. C. Rich, Peter Haws, W. W. Phelps, W. Woodruff, and Joseph Young called at the office. Elder Kimball soon left, unwell. C.C. Rich presented his account with the poor, etc., at Mt. Pisgah, tithing, etc. Brethren left the office about sunset.
Dr. [Richards] called at Colonel RockwoodÂ's and was introduced to Captain William E. Clifford by letter from Daniel H. Wells. Captain Clifford and Mr. Hatheway had opened a store of goods at Mr. Rockwood's house and traded about $60. This evening, also called at Brother PierceÂ's, J. D. LeeÂ's, Brother WoodruffÂ's, Bishop SmootÂ's. [At] 9 a.m., captains and president of First Division met in council house to report progress of organization. In council until after 2, then T. B. making report of same. President Young in council house part of the time. Evening wind changed to northwest.

[source: Apostle Willard Richards Journal]

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