Mormon History, Feb 26, 1847

B[righam] Y[oung]., W[illard]. R[ichards]., H[eber] C K[imball]., E[zra] T B[enson]., G[eorge]. A. S[mith]., A[masa]. L[yman]., O[rson] P[ratt]., W[ilford] W[oodruff], N[ewel] K
W[hitney]., G[eorge]. M[iller]., J[edediah] M G[rant]., W[illiam]. C[layton]., T[homas]. B[ullock]., A[lbert] P R[ockwood]., J[edediah]. M[organ].
Feb[ruar]y. 26. 1847
A Piece of Russia [cloth?] is wanted. Joseph [Smith?] did not give a description of size shape, & colors. [I]t was commenced out of White cloth the day before Joseph died. A[lbert].
R[ockwood].[: T]he idea was to be erected some where else.
W[illiam]. C[layton].[:] It was got on the Friday. J[oseph]. gave himself up on Sunday-[The flag could be] ab[ou]t. 16 feet long.
B[righam]. Y[oung].[:] What of a fl[ag]. [W]ould 16 feet by 8 put on a mountain-5 mi[les]. off. I think 90 by 30 [is] better.
G[eorge]. M[iller].[:] You could hoist [it] by pulleys-as high as 100 feet.
B[righam]. Y[oung].[:] You would have to hoist a tower-[S]uppose you build a tower 100 feet higher & the mast sunk 30 feet into it.
G[eorge]. M[iller].[: H]ave a ring with a collar to work it.
W[illiam]. C[layton].[: T]he colors [can be] blue & red-letters red shaded with blue.
B[righam]. Y[oung].[: T]he proper colors could be up.
W[illard]. R[ichards].[:] Silk & Linen will wearer longer.
B[righam]. Y[oung].[: Y]ou can raise a f[lag] under the U.S. [who] have the motto "religious toleration" [that the group] wants blue white & red. [They have] generally used linen for the army.
O[rson]. P[ratt].[: T]he higher you get, the thinner strata of Air-
B[righam]. Y[oung].[: O]n the mountains pleasant. below thunder & lightning-below that a perfect Sea of Water.
G[eorge]. A. S[mith].[: G]et goods 35 feet long.
B[righam]. Y[oung].[: U]se Alman Oil or Water to paint with-want Silk ab[ou]t 6 bits a yard, 10 y[ar]d[s]. by 5.
H[eber]. K[imball]. Motioned that we have one, put it up & then dream about it.
N[ewel]. K. W[hitney].[: S]omething like Gamboon, only not ribbed. [I]t waves but [does] not snap.
B[righam]. Y[oung].[:] I want your Council that you may not [travel] 1000 miles [and] wish you had tho[ugh]t. of it.
H[eber]. C. K[imball]. Motioned that we have the best stuff in the Eastern Markets.
B[righam]. Y[oung].[:] I go in for purple & scarlet wtih red, blue, & white-
W[ilford] W[oodruff] motioned that the Pres[iden]t. of the Council give such order for such stuff at such place as he may think proper, for & in behalf of this Council.
B[righam]. Y[oung]. Mot[ione]d. that this Co[unci]l. dictate, & who shall get it, that they may shoulder it-all motions dropt-
N[ewel]. K. W[hitney]. Mov[e]d. that we write to bro[ther] [Orson] Hyde to get the Stuff- red, blue, white, scarlet, & purple-
H[eber]. C. K[imball]. motioned that we have the five colors. [S]ec[onde]d. & carr[ie]d.
G[eorge]. A. S[mith]. motioned that the W[illard]. R[ichards]. motioned that this Council dictate & instruct the Clerk.
[A]bout 5 adjourned, to meet again at Early Candl[el]ight.
Write a l[ett]re to Jonn. Browning to send a P[erson?]. or 2 from his camp with Prov[isio]ns. bro[ther] Jules chi[dren]l taken care of send ans[wer]. im[media]t[e]ly whe[the]r they will do it or not

[source: Minutes, Quorum of Twelve]

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