Mormon History, Tuesday, Feb 9, 1847.

[Apostle Willard Richards Journal] Winter Quarters. Wind northwest, cold. [At] 9 a.m., William Kay started for Missouri to get some corn, etc. Dr. [Richards] borrowed $15 of Brother Groves. Rose at 10, busy in the office. At 2, bishopÂ's picnic commenced at council house. At 3, Elder Kimball and Bishop Whitney called at office. At 3 ½ [3:30], Presidents Young, Kimball, and Richards, and N. K. Whitney and Alpheus Cutler were present at H. C. KimballÂ's, and Dr. wrote while President Young was mouth in blessing the following children of Elder KimballÂ's, to wit: blessed Solomon Farnham Kimball, Rachel Sylvia Kimball, Abraham Alonzo Kimball, Sarah Helen Kimball, Brigham Willard Kimball, Isaac Alphonzo Kimball, and David Kimball, the other brethren present laying on hands with him, after which the party took tea in the kitchen while the Dr. continued to write out the blessings. President Young retired. The Dr. then supped, read the blessings aloud to the company, filed them, left them with Elder Kimball to enter in his journal.
About 7, Young, Kimball, and Richards were in the council house at the bishopÂ's picnic, very pleasant party, not overcrowded as on similar occasions. About 9, Jedediah M. Grant arrived and delivered letters from Ft. Leavenworth from Colonel T. L. Kane to General Young and W. Richards. Soon the Presidency met at the office, read the letters and also the report of the Secretary of War [Marcy], when Young, Kimball, and L. Richards retired. Dr. [Richards] borrowed $4.00 of the President and the Dr. ate supper, wrote in Sister CallahanÂ's letter to Brother William Austin, Fox River, and journal of the day, closing about 1 next morning.

[source: Apostle Willard Richards Journal]

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