Mormon History, Wednesday, Feb 17, 1847.

[Apostle Willard Richards Journal] Winter Quarters. Weather warm. President Young very sick last night. Dr. [Richards] rose about 9, sorted letters, etc., till noon. Called on President Young, found him in bed easier than he had been. About 2 p.m., the Twelve, except Brother Woodruff, attended a meeting of President Young's adopted children in the council house. Brother Kimball and O. Pratt spoke till 3:30. Four tables were filled in succession. Dr. [Richards] called on President Young, doing well. Music opened the evening meeting. Dr. Richards spoke 25 minutes, followed by Brother Woodruff, when the Dr. retired to his office and wrote an introductory letter for Levi W. Stewart and part of a letter to Colonel Kane, and read six letters from Pueblo to President Young, while Brother Kimball, George A. Smith, and Lyman addressed the meeting, after which they danced, and about 11, President called at the office on his way home.
Dr. [Richards] wrote till about 1 oÂ'clock. William Kay returned from Missouri about 8:30 p.m. Captain [?] returned with most of his men, having learned that the Indians had left the rush bottoms and gone on their buffalo hunt. He sent on two baggage wagons with provisions. Elder Kimball and Richards dismissed them, to hold themselves in readiness if another call should be made.

[source: Apostle Willard Richards Journal]

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