Mormon History, Thursday, Feb 11, 1847.

[Apostle Willard Richards Journal] Winter Quarters. Wind northwest. Dr. [Richards] in bed till 2 p.m., quite unwell. Brother Woodruff called and conversed about the herds about 10 a.m. A company of Silver Greys, the picnic, met at the council house. About 2 p.m., President Young came in the office and wrote till near sunset, [and] retired till about 7 [in the] evening when he came into the office and H. C. Kimball, George A. Smith, W. Woodruff, General C. C. Rich, George Peacock, and James D. Shockley [met] in council.
President Young asked what should [we] do with the herd, said he did not feel disposed to move all the herd, but should move his own. Asked what they thought of the cattle owners raising 75 men, going to the rush bottoms, removing the herd this way, and going to the Indians, getting the horses and getting pay for the cattle they have killed. Voted to call the owners of the herd together at 10 tomorrow morning. Dr. Richards expressed his feelings that the herd might be as safe where they are, as if they were 15 or 20 miles this side, and safer inasmuch as there was no danger of miring when the frost came from the ground. Elder Kimball concurred, and council dispersed about 8 and went to the dance of the Silver Greys. President Young and Woodruff danced several figures. About 10, President Young addressed the assembly for about the space of half an hour on the principles of perfection and sources of happiness, consisting of endless variety, etc., and the Presidency left the room about 11.
Patty Sessions delivered Elizabeth, wife of Benjamin Rush Laub, of a son named Benjamin Rush Jr., [at] half past 6 a.m.

[Apostle Willard Richards Journal]

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