Mormon History, Tuesday, Feb 23, 1847.

[Apostle Willard Richards Journal] Winter Quarters. Wind southerly, rather cold. About 11, Presidents Young, O. Pratt, E. T. Benson, W. Woodruff, also J. M. Grant and J. D. Lee came in the office and were consulting respecting emigration to the West, etc., etc. At quarter past 1, Dr. [Richards] got up and joined the council. President Young told his dream about President Joseph Smith. N. K. Whitney related his sonÂ's dream about the location of Zion. Separated about 3.
At 5, Presidents Young, Kimball, Richards, O. Pratt, E. T. Benson again met in the office in consultation. Chatted about an hour, then went to the council house. At 10 this a.m. [morning], the bishops feasted the poor of the camp in the council house. The tables were abundantly loaded with the good things of the camp and not only did the fragments fill twelve baskets, but according to computation there was "a cord" of fragments left (22 baskets full, not touched), whereby the families of the poor can be supplied during this inclement season of the year. Five and a half tables full for 120 ladies, and also about 66 bishopsÂ' counselors and band. Total number feasted, about 300. O. Pratt and J. M. Grant with Dr. [Richards] in office until after 9. T. B. [Thomas Bullock] made another copy of the letter to Colonel Kane, also a copy of the plat of Winter Quarters to accompany it. Snow melting through the day. Cold southeast wind at night. About 233 dined.

[source: Apostle Willard Richards Journal]

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