Mormon History, Feb 14, 1847

[Hosea Stout Diary] Sunday Feb. 14th 1847. This morning the High Council met at the Council house at sun rise to hold a kind of "Class Meeting" at which they expressed their feelings & fellowship one towards another. It lasted untill about ten when it adjourned for public meeting in the house & I came home and was around all day it being very pleasant and warm. In the evening I regulated the guard and met the High Council at six as usual. Here the subject of the police was taken up by myself & a long debate ensued which resulted in good for us, for it was understood by the council for us to do our duty & they sustain us in it & stop the noise of the boys in the streets if we had to use the lash &c[.] It was the first time that the Council had investigated our case[.] After Council a lot of Indians came in and staid all night. I came home and then went out on guard untill Twelve oclock at night

[source: Diaries of Hosea Stout]

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