Mormon History, Saturday, Feb 13, 1847.

[Apostle Willard Richards Journal] Winter Quarters. Very pleasant, air north. About 9 a.m., the brethren who were going to LathropÂ's herd met in the street to see how many were going and make arrangements. Seventies picnic met at 12. About 3 p.m., met again back of President YoungÂ's house, about 27 in number. Tarlton Lewis was appointed captain, Addison Everett First Lieutenant, and Fairbanks Second Lieutenant; Brown First Sergeant, Leffingwell Second Sergeant. President Young came in the office, heard and signed a letter to Lathrop and Lowry. About 4:30, the company started with three baggage wagons and President Young and Kimball went into the picnic. Mail of five letters arrived from [?]. Simeon Blanchard received an elderÂ's license on usual form. About 5, President Young and Kimball [went] into the office and President Young wrote [a] letter to Sister Woodard, and Elder Kimball went home.
Dr. [Richards] read letters from Phillip B. Lewis and Brother Hales of Garden Grove, and Dr. proposed writing to Colonel Kane and the Tribune in England to meet them in New York or Philadelphia, and it was approved. At dusk, Arza Adams came in office with President Young and presented a letter from himself, and reported that he had collected the Omaha articles and was ready to bring them. President soon left and Arza left about 9. Day was very mild and pleasant.

[source: Apostle Willard Richards Journal]

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