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-- Jun 1, 1830
The apostle to the NEPHITES (Cowdery) has started for the EAST, on board a boat with a load of "GOLD bibles," under a command, (as he says) to declare the truth (according to JO SMITH,) "in all the principal cities in the Union." We must, however, caution this second Mohomet, (Jemima Wilkinson,) to be careful how he treds upon the old Saybrook Platform. Oliver (he left out two middle names in the "Book of Mormon") may find his way to the Simsbury mines. The Reflector (Palmyra), June 1, 1830. (1)

[Joseph Smith] The first proselytizing mission is conceived and is to be directed toward native Americans. The Palmyra Reflector calls Cowdery "the apostle to the NEPHITES." Cowdery and others of the "Lamanite mission" leave New York Oct. 1830 and preach to the Catteragus tribe in New York, the Wyandot tribe in Ohio, the Shawnee tribe in Missouri, and the Delaware tribe in what is now Kansas. Instead of native Americans, the most prominent converts of this 1830-31 mission are Sidney Rigdon (hereafter Rigdon), Frederick G. Williams, and Newel K. Whitney. (2)

-- Jun 1, 1830-9
D&C 20: Joseph is the seer called of God and ordained an apostle, an elder of the church; and Oliver, is an apostle, an elder of the church. Joseph's sins were forgiven but he became "entangled again in the vanities of the world." When he repented an angel gave him commandments and power to translate the Book of Mormon. All must repent and believe on the name of Jesus Christ. Duties of the elders, priests, teachers, deacons, and members. Bless children, baptize at age of accountability. Baptismal prayer, procedure. Church to meet to partake of bread and wine in remembrance of Jesus Christ. (1)

-- Jun 2, 1830
New Bible-A fellow by the name of Joseph Smith, who resides in the upper part of Susquehanna county, has been, for the last two years we are told, employed in dictating, as he says, by inspiration, a new Bible. He pretended that he had been entrusted by God with a golden bible which had been always hidden from the world. Smith would put his face into a hat in which he had a white stone, and pretend to read from it, while his coadjutor transcribed. The book purports to give an account of the "ten tribes" and strange as it may seem, there are some who have full faith in his divine commission. The book, it seems is now published. Fredonia Censor. (1)

-- Jun 9, 1830
First conference of the church, Fayette, New York. Articles and Covenants ratified. David Whitmer, John Whitmer, Peter Whitmer, Ziba Peterson, Samuel H. Smith are ordained elders. Joseph Sr., Martin Harris, and Hyrum Smith are ordained priests. (1)

A church conference is held. ^[1] Membership is 27. The current church elders are Joseph Smith, Jr., Oliver Cowdery, Peter Whitmer, David Whitmer, John Whitmer and Ziba Peterson. Joseph Smith, Sr., Hyrum Smith, and Martin Harris are ordained priests, and Hiram Page and Christian Whitmer are ordained teachers. (3)

[Joseph Smith] The first church conference is held with twelve officers called "apostles" by common appellation in their elder's certificates and elsewhere. Eleven are among the special witnesses to the Book of Mormon in 1829. At the conference Joseph Smith performs the church's first miracle by casting the devil out of Newel Knight who afterward sees a vision of the Father and Son. This month Satan also appears to Smith as "an angel of light" and is exposed by the Archangel Michael, and Smith dictates a revelation on the "vision of Moses" which describes a visionary deception by Satan anciently. (2)

[Revelations] (Date: various.) Doctrine and Covenants 20. [Location: New York and Kirtland, Ohio. ].
Church organized April 6, 1830 by God's command. Joseph and Oliver called of God, ordained apostles and first and second elders of the church. Joseph became entangled in sin, repented and was visited by angel who gave him power to translate Book of Mormon. We, the elders, heard and bear witness to the words of the Lord. God is all power, understanding, through transgression man becomes devilish. The Only Begotten. Father, Son, and Holy Ghost are one. Justification and sanctification. Qualifications for baptism. Duties of apostle/elder , priest , teacher. Ordination according to gifts of candidate , licenses. Years of accountability. Procedures and prayers for baptism and sacrament. Conferences, membership rolls.
This section has the most complicated history of all sections in the Doctrine and Covenants. In the second half of 1829, Oliver Cowdery writes out a revelation, known as "the articles of the Church of Christ," which provides directions for running the church. It draws on wording from D&C 17, June 14-30, and D&C 18, June 1-14, 1830. The first conference of the church, on June 9, 1830, ratifies the Articles and Covenants of the Church of Christ, presumably prepared by Joseph Smith. In the spring of 1831, Martin Harris sends a copy of this document to Painesville Telegraph editor and publisher, E. B. Howe, who publishes it under the headline, "The Mormon Creed. " The church publishes it in the Evening and Morning Star in 1832 and then again in 1834 due to certain "errors" in the previous release. It is published as Book of Commandments 24. Most changes were made for the 1835 Doctrine and Covenants. Robert J. Woodford's dissertation, "The Historical Development of the Doctrine a
Covenants" (BYU, 1974), meticulously documents all variants in the many manuscript and print versions.
Painesville Telegraph headline: The Mormon Creed.
Painesville Telegraph introduction: (The following document was obtained from the hand of Martin Harris, one of the original proprietors of the "Gold Bible" speculation. We publish it as a one of the curiosities of the day. What use, or whether any, is made of it in this vicinity, we know not. It was probably prepared for the latitude of New York, where creeds & con[fessionals] were not quite so unpopular as in Ohio. We believe, therefore, it has been cautiously kept from the eyes of most of the followers of St. Jo. in this vicinity. In this business the commandments and revelations of Heaven, are very easily made to yield to circumstances -Ed. Tel. ). (4)

[Smith, Don Carlos] Baptized in Seneca Lake about 9 June 1830 by David Whitmer. (5)

[Smith, Samuel Harrison] Ordained elder 9 June 1830. Traditionally recognized as first missionary of Church. (5)

[Smith, William B] Baptized 9 June 1830 by David Whitmer. (5)

[Whitmer, John] Ordained elder 9 June 1830. Served as scribe to Joseph Smith in translation of Bible. (5)

[Whitmer, Peter, Jr] Baptized by Oliver Cowdery and ordained elder by 9 June 1830. (5)

-- After Jun 9, 1830
Joseph Smith tried and acquitted of [?] [per Newel Knight]. (6)

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