Mormon History, Monday, February 17th, 1845

-- Monday, February 17th, 1845
[Apostle John Taylor diary] In the afternoon delivered a lecture to an audience of several thousands on the mechanical operations. (1)

-- Feb 18, 1845
[Apostle Wilford Woodruff Journal] 18th I wrote a letter to Elder H. Clark. I spent the fore part of the day at Br Sheldens. I visited Mr Thomas Holbrook at 37 Oxford Street Manchester. His Lady is a Saint at heart.

+ * [Asterisks are Woodruff's.] In the afternoon in company with Elders Holmes, Hardy, Miller, Ross, & sister Shelden, I visited the Mechanics Institution a regular Museum. Many intereting paintings, sculptures, machinery, & a great variety of ancient works. Among other things we saw the happy family consisting of a great variety of animals & birds such as cats, rats, squirrels, monkeys, hedgehogs, pigs rabits, dogs & a great variety of other animals & birds all in the same cage taking care one for the other. We saw many electerized.

We all returned to Br Sheldens & took tea. We each got our likeness taken or profile. We paid 6/ each.

In the evening we held a council with the officers of the Manchester in the Manchester branch. We had a good time.

I spent the night at Br John Druce No 6 Sand-ford street Broughton Road Salford near Manchester. 12 miles. (2)

-- Tuesday, February 18th, 1845
[Apostle John Taylor diary] In forenoon met with a society who wished to be organized among the Trades.158 In afternoon met with the living constitution.159 (1)

-- Feb 19, 1845
[Apostle Wilford Woodruff Journal] 19th I took 3d class cars & rode through a deep vale, vary mountaineous each side to Brig house the nearest Station to Bradford. I here took Coach & rod 7 miles to Bradford. It was an exeeding Cold morning & I got much Chilled both on the Cars & Coach making 41 miles travel before 10 oclok in the morning. I called upon Br Edward Milnes on Bower street Manchester Road, Bradford. He is the Presiding Elder of the Bradford Branch. I spent the day with him.

In the afternoon Elder Sheets came from [--]. Came over from America with Elders Straten & Davis. We were truly glad to once more meet to gether though on a foreign shore.

We attended a prayer meeting in the evening. I herd the testimony of many of the Saints & I occupied some time in teaching them. We spent the night at Br Child's in Wellington street in company with Elders Sheets & Ure. Distance of the day 45 mil.

I wrote a letter to Elder Davis of London. (2)

[Newspaper] - Announcement: Hymn - Dedicated to President Brigham Young -- C.W. Wand II -- Poem written to the tune of "Thou, thou 'dwell'st in this bosom."

- Story: "Remarks--House of Representatives--to Repeal the Nauvoo Charter" -- Editorial -- Describes the remarks of Lewis W. Ross, in favor of repealing the Nauvoo Charter.

- Story: "Arrest of Elliott" - An Assassin of Joseph and Hyrum -- Editorial -- Describes the arrest of a deputy sheriff in connection to the murders of Joseph and Hyrum.

- Story: "Encouraging" - Saints growing in St. Louis -- Editorial -- Includes a petition from Elder Reed, the Church's agent in St. Louis, for 50 copies of the Nauvoo Neighbor to be sent to St. Louis for the members there.

- Letter to the Editor: "Examination of John C. Elliott" - Suspicious Visitor -- Signed, "L.O.L." -- Provides a transcript of court proceedings and questionings of a strange visitor to Nauvoo, who admits to being party to Joseph's assassination. Probably written by L.O. Littlefield

- Announcement: "Notice" - Living Constitution Trades Meeting -- Editorial -- Describes the weeklong meeting schedule for Trades Meetings. (3)

[Patriarchal Blessings] [Patriarchal Blessing of Hannah Holbrook on February 19 1845]

A blessing by John Smith, Patriarch, upon the head of Hannah Holbrook, daughter of Rufus and Hannah Flint, born July 18, 1806, Township of Braintree, Orange County, State of Vermont.

Sister Hannah in the name of Jesus Christ I seal a father's blessing upon thee. Thou has obeyed the gospel and the Lord is well pleased with thee. Thou art a daughter of Abraham and an heir to all the blessings that was sealed upon the former day Saints and Priesthood which was sealed upon the fathers in former days with all the blessings and powers sealed upon thy companion. The destroyer shall have no power in thine house. Thy children shall be healthy and thou [sic; thine] house shall be a peaceable habitation. Angels shall administer unto thee. Thou shalt be blessed in thy basket and in thy store with every desire of thine heart. Thou shalt live to be a comfort to thy companion and assist him in all his labors, even be satisfied with life according to the blessing sealed upon thy companion come up in the first resurrection with him to inherit thrones and dominions in the house of Israel forever. I seal all these blessings upon thee and thy posterity in common with thy co
mpanion if they faith does not fail, not one word of it shall fail, Amen. (4)

[Patriarchal Blessings] [Patriarchal Blessing of Joseph Holbrook on February 19, 1845]

A Blessing by John Smith, Patriarch, upon the head of Joseph Holbrook, son of Moses and Hannah Holbrook, born January 16, 1806, Florence, Oneida County, State of New York.

Brother Joseph I lay my hands upon thy head in the name of Jesus Christ and seal upon thee a father's blessing. Thou art of the house of Jacob and an heir to the blessings and Priesthood which was sealed upon the fathers with all the benefits and privileges accompanying the same. The Lord hath called thee to preach the gospel to this generation to warn hem that destructions are determined upon Babylon. It is left to thy choice in what part of the vineyard thou labor. Thou shalt go forth as a mighty man. Thou shalt stir up the hearts of the honest in heart to repentance but the wicked and rebel[l]ious shall be angry and seek to destroy thy life but the Lord hath given his angels charge to preserve thee from all thine enemies and thou shalt have power over them. Thou shalt be blessed with wisdom and intelligence to confound the wise of this generation, bring many to the knowledge of the faith and gather them with the saints with much riches. Thou shalt have a numerous posterit
y and thou shalt rejoice exceedingly because of their righteousness. Thou shalt live till thou shalt know that the prophets have spoken right concerning Zion, be satified with life and every favor which is calculated for the happiness of man and thou shalt enjoy all the blessing[s] of the Redeemer's Kingdom on the earth and a new name with the sanctified forever. I seal all these blessings upon thee in faithfulness and I seal thee up unto eternal life, Amen.


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