Mormon History, Mar 22, 1845

-- Mar 22, 1845
[Lucy Mack Smith] Lucy and Martha Jane reach the point in the manuscript at which E. B. Grandin agrees to publish the Book of Mormon . (1)

-- Mar 22, 1845, Saturday
[William Clayton Writings] Saturday March 22, 1845. At the council of the Kingdom all day The Western Mission occupied near all day. The subject of the Nauvoo House, Printing office, Church History and organization of the City were talked over. (2)

-- Mar 24, 1845
[Apostle Wilford Woodruff Journal] 24th + A company of young men called the Nauvoo Legion led us out to see the city, & they led us to the vary top of the high clift called Arthurs Seat, the Highest peak of rocks any whare in this region of Country. A good deal of the way up was almost perpendicular. I was informed that Elder O Pratt while esstablishing the branch in Edinborough freequented the top of this rock as a place of retirement & meditation. From this rock we had a full view of the whole City of Edinborough & the surrounding Country for many miles, which was a sublime view.

I was quite unwell with a severe Cold in the morning & I was quite weary in reaching the top of this seat, as was the case with most of the brethren.

After we had taken a sufficient view of the surrounding country we again desended into the city. Took Dinner After which we visited several of the Saints, And in the evening I attended a council of officers. Was vary hoarse. Had a sore throat. Yet I addressed the Elders at some length.

At the close of the meeting A man holding the office of a priest but had tried to Apostitize for a long time arose & opposed the work. I answered his questions. He wished to leave the Church & we wished to have him & so he was cut off. I spent the night at 2 High Riggs. Distance 10 m. (3)

[Joseph Smith] A disaffected Mormon writes that Theodore Turley, of the Council of Fifty, has prepared a press in Nauvoo for counterfeiting, and that Turley gave the man a counterfeit $5.00 bill. (4)

-- Mar 24, 1845, Monday
[William Clayton Writings] Monday March 24, 1845 ... Chiefly recording the minutes of the Council of Fifty. (2)

-- Mar 25, 1845
[Anointed Quorum] Prayer circle meeting in evening; anointing and endowment for "E. B." . Could be Emmeline B. Woodward (plural wife of Newel Whitney), or Elizabeth Brotherton (plural wife of Parley P. Pratt who was in the eastern states at this time). William Clayton refers to "E. B." accepting Heber Kimball's polygamous "instructions" on 20 Sept. 1845. (5)

-- Mar 25, 1845. Tuesday.
[William Clayton Journal] At the Council of Fifty all day. The subject of the Nauvoo House, and organization of the City were the principle topics of conversation. (6)

-- Mar 26, 1845
[Newspaper] - Story: "War! War!!" - Orson Hyde Exhorts Saints to pay Taxes -- Orson Hyde -- The Saints are advised to pay their property taxes, or risk having their property sold.

- Announcement: Married -- Editorial -- Elder Charles S. Peterson married Mary Ann Patten, performed by Elder B. Chapman.

- Announcement: Deaths -- W.D. Huntington -- James Webb (67, Fever), Mr. Horn (killed in the stone quarry), Mary Amanda Free (11, Inflammation of the Brain). (7)

[Patriarchal Blessings] Patriarchal Blessing to Matthias Cowley given by Uncle John Smith stated "shalt live to see Israel gathered in fulness - the City of Zion built in Jackson County, Missouri, and the House of the Lord, and the cloud rest upon it, according to the Revelation. (8)

[Patriarchal Blessings] [Patriarchal Blessing of Matthias Cowley on March 26, 1845]

Brother Matthias, I lay my hands upon thy Head, in the name [of] Jesus Christ, and seal upon thee a Father's blessing, even all the blessings which the Lord hath in store for all the Sons of Jacob, for thou art an heir by inheritance to all these blessings, even the Holy Priesthood which was sealed upon the Sons of Jacob, for thou art of the House and lineage of Jacob; and inasmuch as thou wilt live humbly, and give heed to the counsel which is appointed thee, 'tis is thy privilege to enjoy every blessing which the Lord hath promised to his saints in the last days; and thou shall be clothed with the power of the Priesthood in due time, and thou shalt be a Mighty man in the House of Israel, and thou cause thine enemies to flee before thee, and thou shalt be able to put ten thousand of them to flight, thou shalt have the spirit of Prophecy, and Revelation, the gift of tongues, and be able to do many miracles in the name of [the] Lord - shalt live to see Israel gathered in fuln
ess - the City of Zion built in Jackson County, Missouri, and the House of the Lord, and the cloud rest upon it, according to the Revelation. I seal all these blessings upon thy head, if thou wilt patiently seek after them, and endure to the end, and more shall be made known to thee hereafter and no power shall take it from thee: Amen. (9)

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