Mormon History, Apr 6, 1845

-- Apr 6, 1845
Sidney Rigdon: Organized own church 6 Apr. 1845 but lost members 1846, last conference Jan. 1847, and withdrew from Pennsylvania to Allegheny County, New York (1)

Brigham Young announces to general conference: "Know ye not that the millennium has commenced?" He also rules that males should be proxies for males and females for females in baptism for the dead, thus ending the gender-neutral practice of proxy ordinances. (2)

[Wilford Woodruff] Manchester conference and Joint Stock Company (3)

-- Apr 6, 1845, Sunday
[William Clayton Writings] ''Bishop Newel K. Whitney the president over the lesser or Aaronic Priesthood has only one Counciller, viz. Wm Felshaw [--] Bishop George Miller has no council[or] as a Bishop.'' (4)

-- 1845. April 7
(Brigham Young) : Sustained as "President of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles to this Church and nation, and all nations, and also as President of the whole Church of Latter-day Saints." (5)

-- Apr 7, 1845
Brigham Young: Sustained as president of Twelve and as "President of the whole Church" by general conference 7 Apr. 1845 (1)

Roger Orton: Sustained in that position by general conference 7 Apr. 1845 (1)

At General Conference Brigham Young is sustained as "President of the whole Church of Latter Day Saints," though this is edited out of the church newspaper's conference minutes. (2)

[Newspaper] - Announcement: "List of Lands" - Lands with Due Taxes Part 2 -- Editorial -- Provides the name, description, acreage, value, and taxes owed on many properties in Nauvoo.

- Story: Opening of Conference -- Editorial -- Describes the opening of conference, and the continuing supply of immigrants who have arrived in Nauvoo.

- Story: "Elder Kimball's Remarks at the Music Hall--" - Music and the Gospel -- L.O. Littlefield -- Describes Elder Kimball's view of music, and how it is tied to religion.

- Story: "Remarks of Elder Orson Spencer" - Music and the Gospel -- L.O. Littlefield -- Describes Elder Spencer's view of music, and how it is tied to religion. (6)

-- Apr 7, 1845 (Monday)
At a conference held in Manchester, England, Dan. Jones, who had lately arrived from America, was appointed president of the Wrexham conference (Wales), consisting of himself and wife. One year later there were seven hundred members of the Church in Wales, largely through his instrumentality. (7)

-- Apr 8, 1845
Leonard Rich: " appointed to Seventy in Sidney Rigdon 'S Church of Christ 8 Apr. 1845 (1)

William E Mclellin: Apostle 8 Apr. 1845 and Quorum of 73 in Sidney Rigdon 's church (1)

Illinois governor Thomas Ford writes to Brigham Young advising him on what to do after the Illinois Legislature had revoked Nauvoo's city charter (a move Ford opposed). He advises separating Nauvoo into a series of separately incorporated towns. He lists the "The powers under your town charters" which include "to prevent the indecent exhibition of horses." Ford's letter also states: "If you can get off by yourselves, you may enjoy peace; but, surrounded by such neighbors, I confess that I do not see the time when you will be permitted to enjoy quiet. I was informed by General Joseph Smith last summer, that he contemplated a removal West; and from what I learned from him and others at that time, I think if he had lived he would have begun to move in the matter before this time." (2)

-- Apr 8, 1845 (Tuesday)
At a conference held in Manchester, England, the so-called Joint Stock Company was organized, with Thomas Ward as president. (7)

-- Apr 9, 1845
Lorenzo Snow returns to Nauvoo and brings tithing he has collected consisting of money and in-kind donations including a six-pound cannon. (2)

-- Apr 9, 1845, Wednesday
[William Clayton Writings] ``I feel quite sick,'' he wrote in April, 1845, ``and feel that my severe confinement to the books and business is hurting my health and constitution.'' (4)

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