Mormon History, Apr 28, 1845, Monday

-- Apr 28, 1845, Monday
[William Clayton Writings] Even when he was involved in important council meetings Clayton's name was often left out of the official histories that chronicled those meetings. Brigham Young's history for April 28, 1845, for example, tells of a council attended by himself, Heber C. Kimball, John Taylor, and Newell K. Whitney where ``we read letters from Parley P. Pratt'' pertaining to his activities in the East. But Clayton was also at that meeting, and it was he who actually read Pratt's letters to the council. (1)

[William Clayton Writings] Monday April 28, 1845 ... A.M. recording minutes of the Kingdom Allen (1)

-- Apr 29, 1845
[Nauvoo Temple] William Player placed the first circular window in the frieze. (2)

-- Apr 29, 1845, Tuesday
[William Clayton Writings] On the morning of Tuesday, the 29th of April, the first upper circular window was finished setting by Brother Player. (1)

[William Clayton Writings] Tuesday April 29. 1845 at 6:30 Met the Council of Fifty at the Seventies Hall (1)

-- Apr 30, 1845
Brigham Young, 1845-04-30, marries (aged 43); Emmeline Free (1826-1875) (aged 18); first marriage; 10 children (3)

[Newspaper] - Story: Portraits of the Twelve -- Editorial -- States that great artists in Nauvoo will soon paint portraits of the Twelve, but it has not happened yet.

- Story: "The Murder at Carthage" - Pamphlet Issued -- Editorial -- Describes a pamphlet, written by William M. Daniels, that tells the true account of the murders at Carthage.

- Announcement: Arrival of Elder Richard Bender -- Editorial -- States that Elder Richard Bender of Philadelphia has just arrived in Nauvoo.

- Announcement: "Nauvoo Canes" -- Editorial -- Describes the new fashion trend of having a cane made in Nauvoo.

- Story: "Anti-Mormonism the Natural Way" -- Editorial -- Describes a story from the St. Louis Report in which a man claims to have been swindled out of money by someone in Nauvoo posing as a member of the Church.

- Letter: "Copy of a Letter to **** of this City" -- Signed, "F.B.J." -- Letter written from a New Orleans Missionary describing his journey.

- Letter: Letter from Pittsburg about Sidney Rigdon -- Signed, "S. S." -- Letter written by a non-Mormon in Pennsylvania, which describes the fires and calamities that have taken place in the state ever since Sidney Rigdon showed up claiming to be the true prophet.

- Letter: Letter from Pittsburg about Sidney Rigdon (2) -- Signed, "Fred. Von Holstein" -- Describes the calamities in Pennsylvania, and Rigdon's supposed leadership of the Church.

- Announcement: Deaths -- W.D. Huntington -- James Holden (22, Winter Fever), Silas Knapp (47, Quick Consumption), Catherine McRae (4 months, Crysipelas), Martha Randall (53, Consumption), Elijah Hale (infant), James M. Henderson (35, Consumption). (4)

-- During Apr 1845
[African American History] Article addressing issue of abolition appears using a mix of apparently literal (i.e. "black skin") and figurative (i.e. "black hearts") "black" references. No author is cited, but the periodical at that time was edited by John Taylor. "The descendants of Ham, besides a black skin which has ever been a curse that has followed an apostate of the holy priesthood, as well as a black heart, have been servants to both Shem and Japheth, and the abolitionists are trying to make void the curse of God, but it will require more power than man possesses to counteract the decrees of eternal wisdom" (Times and Seasons, Vol.6, p.857). (5)

-- During Apr. 1845
Brigham Young: Commended Nauvoo's police for beating a man "almost to death" in the temple Apr. 1845 (6)

Brigham Young: Evaded U.S. deputy marshal's warrant Apr. 1845 for defaulted debt (6)

George A Smith: Evaded arrest for debt Apr. 1845 (6)

Heber C Kimball: Went into hiding Apr. 1845 when U.S. deputy marshal tried to arrest him for debt (6)

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