Mormon History, May 3rd 1845

-- May 3rd 1845
[High Council Minutes]

The High Council of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints met according to adjournment, and opened for business by prayer from Counsellor Thos Grover.

Councellors Present.

Samuel Bent James Allred

Lewis D. Wilson Alpheus Cutler

David Fulmer George W. Harris

Thomas Grover Aaron Johnson

Newel Knight William Huntington

Phineas Richards William Snow

Minutes of the two previous meetings were read and approved.

The case of James Johnson of Indiana, was again taken into consideration. Brother Alva S. Tippets stated to the Council, that by a decision of Bishop John Murdock and himself, while on their Mission; the said James Johnson was cut off from the Church, whereupon it was unanimously Voted that said decision remain in effect upon him, (the Said Johnson.)

Voted to adjourn, to meet in this Hall on Saturday, two weeks from to day at three o'clock P.M.

Closing prayer by president Bent.

Approved. Calvin C. Pendleton Clerk (1)

-- May 4, 1845
[Lucy Mack Smith] William and Caroline Smith return to Nauvoo. (2)

William B Smith: Returned to Nauvoo 4 May 1845. (3)

-- May 6, 1845, Tuesday
[William Clayton Writings] Tuesday May 6. 1845. ... Evening met with the Council of Fifty in the Seventies Hall. The principal topic of conversation was the movements of the mob. It appears their determination is to get up an excitement at the Court and they are already trying it by reporting that the Saints are going en masse to Carthage at the Court, and if the Court does not execute the law on the murderers that we intend to destroy the Court and citizens of the County. From reports which the brethren have brought which have been at Carthage the mob are laying deep plans to bring us into collision with the State, so as to bring about our expulsion or extermination forthwith. It was agreed that none of the brethren leave the City at the Court, only those who are required to be there on business, so that we may prevent the mob from coming into the City and committing depredations in the absence of the brethren. An article was written by O. Hyde & W. Richards to publish in to
morrow's paper notifying the public of the designs of the mob ab and also the course we intend to pursue. The Council did not break up till 10¼ (4)

[William Clayton Writings] William Clayton noted in his journal that the anti-Mormons were affirming that, if the court did not convict the murderers, the Mormons intended to destroy the courthouse and the citizens of the county. Such tactics, Clayton wrote, ``were intended to bring us into collision with the State, so as [to] bring about our expulsion or extermination forthwith.'' (4)

-- May 7, 1845
[Anointed Quorum] "Holy Order" prayer circle meeting at Willard Richards's house in evening of Brigham Young, John Taylor, Willard Richards, George A. Smith, Amasa M. Lyman, Newel K. Whitney, Levi Richards, and William Clayton, all "being clothed," and Heber C. Kimball who "came in at the close of the meeting." Clayton recorded: "The chief subjects were to pray, that the Lord would hedge up the way of the mob so that they may have no power over us during court. Also that the Lord would hedge up the way of John Greenhow that he may not have power or influence to go to England and publish the [unauthorized] book of Doctrine and Covenants. Petitions were also offered for Brother [George] Miller and others who are sick" . (5)

[Newspaper] - Story: "Giants" - Visiting Nauvoo -- Editorial -- Describes the visit of a Giant and a Giantess to Nauvoo, both of which stood over 7 feet tall.

- Story: Anti-Mormon Tax Policies -- Editorial -- Describes people in the Treasury of the State of Illinois who dislike the Church and do not govern the people fairly.

- Announcement: Transcript of Elder Hyde's Speech about Sidney Rigdon Available -- Editorial -- Announces the availability of a transcript of a speech made by Orson Hyde about Sidney Rigdon's apostasy. Encourages missionaries to bring copies with them on their missions.

- Letter to the Editor: Nauvoo Wishes to Follow the Laws -- Signed, "Americus" -- Describes the rumors of lawlessness and succession in Nauvoo as untrue.

- Letter to the Editor: Letter from Pittsburg about Rigdon's Re-Baptisms -- Signed, "S. S." -- Describes Sidney Rigdon's method of re-baptizing members of the LDS church before allowing them to participate in his Church.

- Letter to the Editor: Letter from Pittsburg about Sidney Rigdon -- Signed, "W. Vant" -- Describes the fear of Pennsylvanians about Sidney Rigdon's presence in Pennsylvania.

- Announcement: Deaths -- Editorial -- William N. Haws (55, Dropsy in the Chest).

- Announcement: "A Voice From Nauvoo" -- W. Richards -- Presents a resolution drafted by "A General Council of the Authorities of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints at Nauvoo," distancing the church from the rumors that they seek revenge on Carthage. (6)

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