Mormon History, Apr. 1845

-- During Apr. 1845
John C Bennett: Circulated an alleged revelation of Joseph Smith Jr. supporting Sidney Rigdon 's right to succeed as Hinkle and William Law 's followers joined Sidney Rigdon Apr. 1845 (1)

John Taylor: Publicly threatened U.S. deputy marshal seeking Brigham Young Apr. 1845, went into hiding one month later to avoid arrest (1)

Lyman Wight: Released from office at Apr. 1845 general conference, immediately reinstated "for the present" (1)

Oliver Cowdery: Became agent for publication of George Hinkle's Church of Jesus Christ, the Bride the Lamb's Wife Apr. 1845 (1)

William Smith: Brigham Young said at Oct. 1844 conference that William Smith has "a! legal right by descent" to be Patriarch but not presented for official sustaining vote (nor in Apr. 1845) (1)

-- During April 1845
John Taylor: Sealed to Mary Ann Oakley April 1845. Five children: Henry Edgar, Mary Elizabeth, Brigham John, Ida Oakley, and Ezra Oakley. (2)

Sidney S Rigdon: Organized church by April 1845. Published newspaper at Pittsburgh. (2)

-- During spring of 1845
Lyman Wight: In accord with decisions of Council of Fifty of 1844-45, spent winter on Black River anticipating move to Texas in spring of 1845. (2)

-- May 01, 1845
[U.S. Religious History] In Louisville, Kentucky, disaffected members of the Methodist Episcopal Church organized the Methodist Episcopal Church, South as a new denomination. (3)

-- May 1, 1845
[Anointed Quorum] Thursday evening prayer circle meeting of "holy order" at Willard Richards's office for Brigham Young, Heber C. Kimball, Willard Richards, Amasa M. Lyman, Orson Hyde, Orson Pratt, George A. Smith, John Smith, Isaac Morley, Joseph Young, and William Clayton . (4)

The TIMES AND SEASONS denies that Latter-day Saints engage in polygamy. It also asks, concerning the concept of sending missionaries to Africa: "Have the common propensities of the heathen to do evil been lessened by the labors of the clergy, in as great a proportion as drunkedness and debauchery had increased by civilized intercourse under the board of foreign mission?" (5)

-- May 1, 1845. Thursday.
[William Clayton Journal] ...President Young told me that he had learned that the Rigdonites are intending to have me taken up and prosecuted for polygamy, especially George W. Robinson and Samuel James...Evening met for prayer at Dr. Richards. There were present B. Young, H. C. Kimball, W. Richards, A. Lyman, O. Hyde, O. Pratt, G. A. Smith, John Smith, I. Morley and Joseph Young and myself. (6)

-- May 2, 1845
[Anointed Quorum] Prayer circle meeting; Charles Hyde was anointed and endowed . (4)

-- May 3, 1845
Nauvoo Neighbor began publication. (7)

-- May 3, 1845. Saturday.
[William Clayton Journal] ...P.M. ...Charles Ivins was in the office and says that in conversation with [Austin] Cowles he learned that Rigdons party is very much divided both in doctrine and sentiment. Law and Rigdon differed in fifteen points of doctrine, Rigdon wanting to deny the book of Mormon which Law could not do. [William] McLell[i]n and Rigdon also differ in sentiment. (6)

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