Mormon History, Apr 17, 1845

-- Apr 17, 1845
[Patriarchal Blessings] [Patriarchal Blessing of Levi Richards on April 17, 1845]

Nauvoo April 17th. 1845 A Blessing by John Smith, Patriarch, upon the head of Levi Richards, son of Joseph & Rhoda, born April 14th. 1799 Hopkinton, Mass

Br Levi I lay my hands upon thy head in the name of Jesus Christ & by the authority vested in me to bless the fatherless, I seal the blessing of a father upon thee; thou art of the house of Jacob & of the family of Ephraim the son of Joseph, thou hast a right by inheritance from thy fathers to all the blessings & the priesthood which were sealed upon the children of Joseph- the eye of the Lord has been upon thee for a long season & he hath raised thee up & brought thee to a knowledge of the fullness of the gospel, because of thy willingness to obey it he hath appointed thee to be a Savior on Mt Zion in the last days & because thy fathers were righteous men & sought diligently to do the will of the Lord but it was hid from their eyes because darkness covered the Earth & they have seen thee in vision laboring for their salvation & are now waiting for deliverance & redemption from the prison house through the power of the priesthood which is conferred on thee & it is thy right
by the help of thy friends to redeem them even all thy father[']s house back to where they died in the gospel bring them up in the morning of the resur[r]ection with joy unspeakable & full of glory & many that are now living shall be brought up through thy instrumentality at that day, thy calling is not only to preach to this generation but to stand as a counselor in the house of Israel forever; the Lord shall bless thee in thine old age & comfort thine heart thou shalt raise up a posterity to bear thy name in remembrance through all generations they shall continue to increase so that they cannot be numbered, thou shalt be able to do mighty miracles in thy day even as great as ever were done by man, thou shalt be miraculously blest as a physician among the saints, & all things shall work together for thy good inasmuch as thou hast given all for the gospel[']s sake the Lord will bless thee double for all thy labors & he will freely give thee all things both in Heaven & on Ear
th even houses & lands & all things which are calculated to make life agreeable; the number of thy years shall be according to thy faith, thou shalt see & understand & realize the fulfillment of the prophecies which have been spoken concerning Zion & enjoy all the blessings of the Redeemer[']s kingdom for time & for eternity, this is thy blessing which shall not fail inasmuch as you abide in the truth, for I seal it upon thee & thy posterity in common with thy companion with eternal life amen (1)

-- Apr 17, 1845. Thursday.
[William Clayton Journal] ...Part of the day I was copying records of the Kingdom...The following verses were composed by Elder John Taylor, the Apostle, and revised by him at the Council of the Kingdom on Friday 11th inst.

"The Upper California. O thats the land for me." &c.

Evening tarried at the office till 8 o'clock. Afterwards met at Dr. Richards' to pray in company with B. Young, H. C. Kimball, W. Richards, J. Taylor, G. A. Smith, A. Lyman, O. Pratt, of the twelve; N. K. Whitney and George Miller the two church bishops, John Smith, Patriarch and Joseph Young. The particular subjects asked for was father [Samuel] Bents mission to L[yman] Wights company and the deliverance of the church from their enemies. At my suggestion the hands who labor on the Temple were remembered to be preserved from accidents, inasmuch as they are in danger all the while. We had a very good time. (2)

-- Apr 18, 1845
[Anointed Quorum] Prayer cirde meeting of "Holy order" at John Smith's house; second anointing for Amasa and Mary Lyman (under date of 17 Apr.). (3)

Amasa M Lyman: Second anointing 18 Apr. 1845 (4)

[Nauvoo Temple] As the workmen were raising a large stone, some 1,500 pounds, the chain broke and it fell fifty feet, but no one was injured. (5)

-- Apr 19, 1845
[High Council Minutes]

The High Council of the church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints met according to adjournment and opened by prayer from Councellor George W. Harris.

Councellors Present.

James Allred

Lewis D. Wilson Alpheus Cutler

David Fulmer George W. Harris Prest pro tem.

Thomas Grover Aaron Johnson

Phineas Richards William Huntington

William Snow

The following petition was accompanied with a bottle of Oil was presented before the Council.

To the Honorable President and Brethren of the High Council, by request of my husband, I write you an apology for his absence; he is sick, quite confined to his bed with a severe cough and fever, he joins with me in asking you all to join in prayer for his recovery and also requests this bottle of Oil to be consecrated for and in behalf of my husband, whom I love and re reverence, even as Sarah did Abraham, when she honored him calling him Lord.

Yours with respect,

Lydia Knight

The case of Joseph Pennock (vs.) L.T. Coons and others to be acted upon to day, was not brought before the Council as the case was settled and charge withdrawn.

Brother Alva S. Tippets stated to the council the licentious couse of conduct of one James Johnson and family of Indiana according to the best of his information both from his own information observation and the statements of others but action upon the case was defered till next Saturday that Bishop J. Murdock might be present who also was with Brother Tippets in the State aforesaid.

Voted to adjourn till next Saturday May 3 at three o'clock P.M. in the Seventie's Hall.

C.C. Pendleton Clerk

Voted that in naming the place of date, in the High Council minutes, that the Name (City of Joseph) supply the place of Nauvoo.


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