Mormon History, Feb 20, 1845

-- Feb 20, 1845
William Law: Met with Sidney Rigdon 20 Feb. 1845 in Kirtland temple, where Sidney Rigdon (according to Reformed bishop May 1845) "wanted to deny the book of Mormon which William Law could not do" (1)

-- Thursday, February 20th, 1845
[Apostle John Taylor diary] Met with the shareholders of the dam.

In the evening at a party at Sister Hyrum Smith's. (2)

-- Feb 21, 1845
[Apostle Wilford Woodruff Journal] 21st I Parted with the Saints in Idle & returned to Bradford In Company with Elders Sheets & Ure. Also Elder Abraham Lord the presiding Elder over the Idle branch Accompanied us. We took dinner at Br Pears at little Horton. In the evening we returned to Brother Child's & spent the night. Distance of the day 5 miles.

The Brethren Play Carded the Town of Bradford. The Bills contained the following lines:

Conference The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints will hold their conference in the Philadelphia Chapel North wing Bradford on Sunday Feb 23d 1845. To commence at Ten o'clock in the morning two in the Afternoon & six in the evening; when there will be present on the occasion two Americans one of whom Belongs to the quorum of the Twelve Apostles. Also there will be preaching on the fulness of the everlasting gospel as revealed by the Angel of the Lord in these last days on the following evenings Monday & Tuesday & wednesday In the said Chapel to coence at Eight o'clock each Evening. N.B. People of all Persuasions are invited to attend. J Parkinson Printer Market Street Bradford. (3)

[Brigham Young Journal] Frida 21 th 1845 I Priched the funeral sermon of Br Moris Whitesides at Robert Pierce (4)

-- Friday, February 21st, 1845
[Apostle John Taylor diary] I met with the living constitution of the Trade's meeting. In evening at a party at Judge Phelp's. (2)

-- Feb 22, 1845
[Apostle Wilford Woodruff Journal] 22 I spent the day in Bradford writing upon the death of Elder Lorenzo D. Barnes & copying some of his poetry in this Journal.

Bradford Quarterly Conference (3)

[Brigham Young Journal] Saterday 22 attended the high councel Br Elester Brooks was tried and cleard (4)

[Joseph Smith] Bishop George Miller and two Nauvoo police officers (former Danites, including Hosea Stout) discuss "the manner to pursue to rid ourselves of traitors who are in our midst seeking our lives." (5)

-- Feb. 22d 1845
[High Council Minutes]

The High council of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints met pursuant to adjournment at councellor Sherwood's and from thence removed to the Seventies Hall and opened by prayer, from councellor David Fulmer.

Minutes of the previous meeting were read, and approved.

Councellors Present.

Samuel Bent James Allred

Lewis D. Wilson. Alpheus Cutler

David Fulmer. George W. Harris

Thomas Grover. Aaron Johnson

Newel Knight. William Huntington

Phineas Richards William Snow in place of H. G.

Sherwood by the a unanimous Vote of the Council

President Brigham Young, John Smith and Charles C. Rich Presiding with President Saml Bent.

The following Charge, prefered by Horace Burgess, against Lester Brooks was brought before the Council for investigation.

A Charge is hereby prefered before the High Council of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, against Lester Brooks a member of said church for unchristianlike conduct in influencing the following persons to trade with Nelson Millet their farms in the State of Ohio, for property in this State, such as lands and personal property, and also, were influenced to take said Millet's Note, or notes for much of the property which they disposed of to Said Millet, and said persons have, through the influence of said Brooks, made said trades with the said, Millet, and most of the individuals have lost about all the property they had, by conveyance to said Millet. The names of the individuals defrauded, are: Zebina Smith, Hiram Picket, Daniel P. Young, Brother Willis and Hiram Foush; and said Brooks appeared to be engaged in riding about for Millet to make some of the trades for him as Agent, and I hereby state, that said Brooks had a design in defrauding said individuals who
traded with Nelson Millet. Some of them have taken Bonds from said Millet for Deeds of Land to be conveyed, lying here, and Said Brooks has misrepresented the price of said lands and also in regard to the titles in relation to the above trades. (6)

-- Saturday, February 22nd, 1845
[Apostle John Taylor diary] Chiefly at home. (2)

-- Feb 23, 1845
[Anointed Quorum] Sunday evening prayer circle of "Apostles and others" . (7)

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