Mormon History, Apr 23, 1845

-- Apr 23, 1845
[Newspaper] - Story: "Our Rights" -- Editorial -- Provides natural law justifications for the Saints to create their own charter.

- Announcement: "The Late Writs" - Legal Action Against the Saints -- Editorial -- Describes subpoenas for 12 or 14 Saints for taxes owed to the government. Includes a rebuttal by the editor.

- Story: "The Carthage Grays" - Vigilante Justice -- Editorial -- Alleges that the Greys threatened Mr. Backenstos with death if he did not leave the country.

- Story: "Latest from Hancock" -- Editorial -- Describes anti-Mormon vigilante justice in Hancock County.

- Letter to the Editor: The Law can be a Virtuous Career -- A.W. Babbitt -- Refutes recent jokes in the paper about the dishonesty of lawyers.

- Letter: Letter to John Taylor about the Whistling and Whittling Brigade -- Signed, "A.H." -- Describes some recent actions taken by the whistling and whittling brigade.

- Story: Rigdon Forms New Church Leadership -- Signed, "Pelagaram" -- Announces Sidney Rigdon's appointment of a new quorum of Twelve and Seventy.

- Announcement: Deaths -- W.D. Huntington -- Ada Paine (8 months, Croup), Elizabeth Edwards (36, Inflammation in the Head), Jonah R. Ball (41, Consumption), Henry J. Lewis (10 months, Inflammation on the Lungs), John P. Smith (24, Consumption), Elizabeth Royale (24, Inflammation on the Brain), Caroline E. Kesler (2, Drowned by Falling in a Well), Silas Tupper (77, Old Age), Joseph Calvin Adellmon Rockwell (5 months, Dropsy on the Brain), Sarah Griffith (57, Inflammation of the Lungs).

- Announcement: Sale of Some of Joseph Smith's Estate -- Emma Smith -- Emma signs as "Guardian," and offers some of Joseph's Land for sale. (1)

-- Apr 24, 1845
Emma Smith argues that the Nauvoo high council is the presiding authority of the church and that William Marks is the lawful successor to her husband. She bases this on an 1835 revelation (D&C 107). Brigham Young writes a letter to U.S. President James K. Polk asking, "Will it be too much for us to ask you to convene a special session of congress and furnish us an asylum, where we can enjoy our rights of conscience and religion unmolested?" (2)

-- Apr 24, 1845 (Thursday)
In a general council held at Nauvoo, it was decided to send a written appeal in behalf of the Saints to the President of the United States, and to the governor of every State in the Union, except the State of Missouri. This resolution was subsequently acted upon, but without any response, except from the governor of Arkansas, who replied in a respectful and sympathetic letter. (3)

-- Apr 24, 1845, Thursday
[William Clayton Writings] Thursday April 24, 1845.. At the Office all day recording minutes of the Kingdom (4)

-- Apr 25, 1845
James H. Monroe, a convert and school teacher in Nauvoo who taught the children of Joseph Smith and Brigham Young, writes in his diary: "My time was spent, when not occupied with my school, in reading Fowler's Phrenology, a very valuable work in my estimation, and containing much information of especial benefit to me in my present capacity, as it enables me to form a better opinion of the tastes, feelings, and powers of my little protiges and thereby suggests the proper mode of education, and tells me which faculties are necessary to be cultivated. I think I must make out a chart of their heads with a description of their character as shown by the development of their organs, and then concoct a plan for their education in accordance with those principles." Four days later he complete's the phrenology chart of Joseph Smith III's head, "which [was] admitted to be correct by his mother " (2)

-- Apr 26, 1845
Sylvia P. Sessions (Lyon, Smith, Kimball) received her second anointing with Heber C. Kimball, but apparently not at a meeting of the Anointed Quorum . (5)

-- Apr 27, 1845
[African American History] Orson Hyde refers to Negroes as the cursed lineage of Canaan and says that the curse of servility which they bore was for actions in the Preexistence ("Speech Delivered Before the High Priests Quorum in Nauvoo", MS in Utah State Historical Society). He also expressed the fear that the curse of Cain would come on him and his posterity if he did not repent his apostasy. (6)

[Anointed Quorum] Sunday evening prayer circle of Brigham Young, Heber C. Kimball, Amasa M. Lyman, George A. Smith, Orson Hyde, John Smith, Joseph Young, and William Clayton at Willard Richards's office . (5)

[Black History] O. Hyde speaks on "curse of slavery", (7)

[Joseph Smith] Nauvoo's "Whistling and Whittling Brigade" harass "old" former high councilor Austin Cowles and drive him from the city. (8)

-- Apr 27, 1845. Sunday.
[William Clayton Journal] ...Evening met at Dr. Richards with the Dr. President B. Young, H. C. Kimball, A. Lyman, G. A. Smith, O. Hyde, J. Young and John Smith. Our object was to offer up prayers for a number of subjects. The meeting broke up about 10 1/2 o'clock with perfect peace and union. (9)

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